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Tesla SWOT Analysis
Tesla is a highly innovative company that could benefit from the shift to renewable energy products. Tesla faces many challenges (sustaining profitability). Those challenges can be overcome as the price of lithium-ion batteries decreases over time.
Disney Stock: An Investing Strategy To Consider
Disney's stock reached an overbought level and is due for a pullback. The valuation is trading above its long-term averages. Consider a covered call strategy for the current situation.
Disney Stock Options Strategies
Disney's stock has been rangebound for a while. Investors can get paid to wait for the stock to increase by selling calls and puts.
E Takung Art Company: Small Stock With Rapid Growth
This nanocap's high-growth phase is likely to propel the stock. The stock is trading at an attractive valuation.
E Facebook: Income Strategy For A Non-Dividend Paying Stock
Facebook doesn’t pay a dividend, but investors can extract their own income from the investment. Facebook’s stock had a great run this year and is falling below an overbought level. It looks like a great time to employ one of these strategies.
E How Apple Is Valued On A Discounted Cash Flow Basis
Apple is significantly undervalued on a DCF basis. Recent reports show that Apple’s orders for the iPhone 7 are 11% to 20% higher than analysts’ previous estimates.


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Facebook: Income Strategy For A Non-Dividend Paying Stock
3 years ago


These strategies still work for those who want to hold onto the stock for the long-term!

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How Apple Is Valued On A Discounted Cash Flow Basis
3 years ago

Remember Apple was trading at about $133 last year. If sales of the iPhone 7 are strong enough to grow revenue again, I think the stock price could exceed $133 within the next 2 years. The sentiment for the stock became irrationally too negative in my opinion.

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One Of Prince’s Quotes Can Be Applied To Investing: Dividends And Stock Growth
3 years ago

I also wanted to point out that Prince did a great job of applying 'danger' or 'excitement' in both his style/image and his music. His style and music stood out from the rest.

AbbVie and Home Depot also stand out as strong dividend stocks with above average growth.

In this article: HD, ABBV
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Intel: Currently A Low Growth Dividend Stock - IoT Is The Future
Intel's larger segments (Client Computing and Data Center) have recently struggled to grow. Intel's IoT segment's double-digit growth will take a while to have a significant positive impact on overall fundamentals. New acquisitions in IoT could help transform the company for the long-term.
Microsoft: Long-Term Growth Forecast Looks Positively Cloudy
Microsoft's Cloud segment is getting a significant boost from the JEDI contract. Microsoft is likely to build on the strength of this large contract as potential customers see the company as a go-to firm for cloud solutions. The company's above-average growth can be sustained for multiple years.
Itron's Stock Could Rise On The Growth Of Smart Meters And Smart Cities
Utilities and cities benefit from increased energy efficiencies. The use of smart meters and related technology is expected to grow over at least the next 4 years. Itron stands to benefit from a likely increase in smart meter and intelligent infrastructure demand.
Bristol-Myers: Dividend Stock, Low Valuation, Boost From Celgene
Bristol-Myers Squibb is trading at an attractive valuation. The Celgene acquisition might not be fully reflected in the stock price. Management is building a solid track record of increasing the dividends.
Johnson Controls: Stock To Benefit From Smart Buildings Growth
The expected double-digit growth of commercial and residential smart buildings is likely to have a positive impact on Johnson Control's revenue, earnings, and stock price. Johnson Controls is valued attractively, giving the stock room to run higher.
Top Performing Stock With Strong Price Appreciation: Brookfield Asset Management
Brookfield Asset Management is a consistent dividend stock with strong price appreciation. Brookfield's strong management has an excellent ability to secure low valued assets and turn them into sources of cash flow.
Lam Research: Set To Grow With IoT And Cloud Computing
Lam Research is a key global supplier of wafer fabrication equipment/services for the semiconductor industry. Growth in the internet of things and cloud computing creates ongoing demand for Lam's products. Advancing technology demands the 3D design solutions that Lam Research offers.
Square Vs. Shopify
Square and Shopify are both expected to grow at strong, above average rates for the foreseeable future. However, Shopify's valuation is at lofty levels, while Square's valuation is much lower. I see more upside for Square at these levels.

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