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Sanctions, Trade Wars Worsen US Inflation
The Fed’s aggressive and belated rate hikes will escalate economic challenges in the US and elsewhere, thanks to ill-advised sanctions and trade wars.
Despite Stagflationary West And Omicron Outbreaks, China’s Economy Still Growing
Inflation and rate hikes are penalizing growth in the US and Europe. China must tackle the new headwinds, but its starting point – higher growth, lower inflation - is more favorable.
New Global Tsunamis Courtesy Of Cold Warriors And Fed Hawks
After trade wars and the pandemic depression, aggressive sanctions and rate hikes will further derail economic prospects in the US, China, and worldwide.
The Avoidable Ukrainian Crisis, The Unavoidable Global Hit
To Russia and Ukraine, the crisis is an existential issue. To the US and NATO, it's an enlargement power play. To Europe, it spells a new era of uncertainty. In the world economy, it takes us all closer to an edge.
Global Recovery Challenges Amid New Data On Lingering Pandemics
There is a common denominator between the Chinese holiday season and the COVID fight. That’s the effort to recover the pre-pandemic demand even amid new global waves of variants. There are lessons, too.
China’s Strong Secular Performance On Track
Despite great global challenges, China’s economic performance reflects long-term strength, with strong data on trade and investment, and new resiliency.


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