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Doug began his career on Wall Street in 1992 at Dean Witter. After developing a successful practice in New York, Doug moved with his wife and family to Israel.

Doug is accredited by the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) as a licensed Israeli advisor and is also a licensed U.S. advisor. ... more


Why Your Investments Must Be Different From Your Parents’
If you own a great stock or mutual fund, should you also buy the investment for your children? Or, if your parents tell you about a great performing investment that they own, should you go out and buy it for your own account?
How To Prepare For The Next Stock Market Crash
Crashes are more about the speed of decline than its depth or duration. The Flash Crash of 2010 saw the market plunge 1000 points in minutes. In the 2008 crash, the market fell more than 20% within days (and ultimately dropped around 50%).
Why You Need To Understand Your Stocks
Different people need different investments, so you should ask the questions that are appropriate for you.
Does Financial Stability Bring Happiness?
What do 250 people with 18,000 years of cumulative life experience know about money?
Buying And Selling Stocks During Periods Of Economic Crisis
How long can an economic crisis last, and what ramifications does it have for your investment portfolio? 
What Is The Best Way To Get Out Of Debt?
If you want to get out of debt, should you pay off your smallest debts first or those with the highest interest rates?


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Why Investors Need To Know About Inflation And Unemployment
6 years ago

Thanks very much! I really appreciate the feedback. - Doug

Beware Of 3 Types Of Investment Risk
6 years ago

Thanks very much for your comment, Joe. There are a lot of different ways of measuring risk in the stock market and I will try to touch on some of them and upcoming posts.

U.S. Brokerage Account For Folks Outside The United States
6 years ago

Thanks. It turns out that more and more U.S. brokerage firms are kicking out their U.S. clients who live overseas. I have gotten a lot of calls in my office to help them. We handle U.S. investment and IRA accounts for people who live overseas, so if you know anyone who could use assistance, or whose current firm has sent them away, please let them know they can contact me. And thanks again, Anastasija, for the kind words on my video. -Doug

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Webinar: What A New President Means For Your Money
What will the new American president do for the American economy and perhaps more importantly, your retirement savings?

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Goldstein on Gelt Radio Show
July 2010 - Present (12 years 2 months)
The Goldstein on Gelt radio show incorporates investment tips, financial planning ideas, listener letters, and fantastic guest interviews with Nobel Prize winners, best-selling authors, world-famous money managers, and more.
Profile Investment Services
1997 - Present (25 years 10 months)


Vassar College
1988 / 1991


Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing
Douglas Goldstein and Grandmaster Susan Polgar
Douglas Goldstein and Grandmaster Susan Polgar
Fundamentally, what separates a good chess player from a great player is the ability to create strategies and to adapt them to changing circumstances. Similarly, successful investors don’t just know a few tricks for picking stocks or building a budget. Rather, building wealth requires the ability to observe and examine the financial world and know when to act, react, or sit still.Rich As a King draws on the core strategies of grandmaster-level chess players and teaches you how their skills can guide you towards financial growth. The concepts addressed in the book include strategy, pattern recognition, efficiency, precision, and planning.
Building Wealth in Israel: A Guide to International Investments and Financial Planning
Douglas Goldstein
Devora Publishing
Financial columnist for The Jerusalem Post, Doug Goldstein, asks: HOW COME SOME PEOPLE "MAKE IT" FINANCIALLY AND OTHERS DON’T? The author presents a solid overview of practical strategies for achieving financial success in the Israeli market. Writing in an easy-to-understand manner, Goldstein teaches his readers how to get their financial houses in order and how to create, step-by-step, long-term plans for their wealth. Special Guest chapter on Taxation by Leon Harris, CPA, International Tax Partner, Ernst&Young, Israel.
Profile Perspectives
Douglas Goldstein
Douglas Goldstein
This blog contains the weekly pieces that Doug Goldstein writes for publication in the Jerusalem Post.