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Retired software engineer turned writer/investor and owner of HeadlineCharts. I am not a registered investment advisor. My comments reflect my view of the market, and what I am doing with my accounts. The analysis is not a ... more

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Short-Term Trend Turns Upward
The short-term trend turned upwards on January 9, but I missed it because the downtrend was so brief. Or, maybe labeling a downtrend on January 3 was a mistake.
Time To Raise Cash And Take Profits?
The NYSE number of stocks above the 50-day has been declining for a week (confirming the PMO Index above) even though the NYSE Price Index has held steady. In my view, that is a signal to take partial profits and to raise some cash.
Market Peak In Bullish Sentiment?
There were quite a few buying climaxes this week where the high and low of the week engulfs the range of the previous week and the price closes near the low. It's often a sign that there has been a peak in bullish sentiment.
Market Stretched: Time For Partial Profit-Taking
The short-term uptrend continues, but the market is so stretched that it is time to start taking partial profits in order to lock in gains and to prepare for the next buying opportunity.
Market Uptrend Extended
The market's upward climb continues very nicely, but the trend is extended which means there are profits that need to be taken at some point soon.
Momentum-Based Short-term Uptrend In Effect
The major indexes have been going up fairly consistently since early October without much regard for what the majority of stocks have been doing, so it hasn't been a good period for timing.
Major Indexes March Higher
The major indexes continue to march higher as they respond favorably to better economic news. Also, the rally in stock prices has broadened out very nicely into a number of different stock sectors and industries.
New Uptrend Just Startting
I thought that a short-term downtrend had started on Nov. 18. The market definitely didn't look like it was correcting this past week. For now, I'm just going to call it a new uptrend as of Nov. 25.
Shorter-Term Trends And Longer-Term Outlook For Saturday, Oct. 26
I am currently holding the stocks that are hitting new highs, but I also have my eye on my favorite former leaders because if the economy is going to start growing again then the former leaders are going to have a comeback.
Short-Term Trend And Longer-Term Outlook
Technology is by far the most important market sector and it isn't cooperating. Still, the ETF is above its uptrend and support, so I may be over-reacting.
Short-Term Uptrend Needs Confirmation
I believe that a short-term uptrend started on Friday, but it still needs to be confirmed by an up-tick of the PMO Index. The long-term outlook for the economy and stocks was upgraded last week from caution to weak growth
Short-Term Downtrend Continues
The short-term downtrend continues, and it is still a bit too early to be looking for the next uptrend because the market usually needs to hang around near the bottom of the range for a while before it can move back into an uptrend.
Short-Term Downtrend In Place
A short-term downtrend started September 25. So when do we start looking for opportunities to buy stocks again?
Looking For Short-Term Downtrend
The short-term uptrend continues, but it is time to be looking for the next short-term downtrend.
Laggard Stocks Now Leading
The big news of the past week was the sudden and startling outperformance of laggard stocks along with the sharp drop in the price of the leading stocks. When I say startling I really mean startling.
New Short-Term Uptrend Started
A new short-term uptrend started on Sept.4. The medium-term trend also looks like it has turned higher, although it is too early to know for sure. For now, the market, or at least the big institutional stocks, appear to be heading upwards.
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