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Dismantling the Deep State and NWO! How? When?

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 7:42 AM EDT

So what is needed today is a ‘Wealth Transfer’ from cyber digits to silver/gold. This needs to happen with a majority of our traders/investors/retail speculators. If this happens soon, the Deep State and the New World Order trend will be challenged and it could then collapse from inner contradictions. The entire Deep State System is based upon a digital economy where Central Banks can funnel these cyber digits to their proxies (supporters) indefinitely. Digital money can create this New World Order System but NOT historical money.

If traders/investors and the general public exchange their cyber digits (IRA accounts, savings accounts, and checking accounts) into silver coins and gold coins, then these metals will increase in price (exponentially) and gradually COLLAPSE the goals of this DEEP STATE and their proxies (the Globalists). People need to get informed on money and value and refuse to trade with digital units (digital dollars, euros, pounds, etc.) which get created out-of-nothing. Buy silver coins and gold coins and this will COLLAPSE the Deep State System!

We need to recognize that our digital money units are really illegal and unconstitutional. The Coinage Act of 1965 (the last word on what is legal tender) reveals that ONLY paper notes and coins (called Federal Reserve notes) are official ‘legal tender’. Digits (circulating within the computer screen) are NOT official ‘legal tender’ and these units have not been approved by our Congress or by our Court system as legal tender. Legal tender also includes silver and gold coins as these units were approved in our Constitution in 1789 and after (Article I, section 8 and 10). Check it out!

What needs to happen is a global WEALTH TRANSFER (from cyber digits to silver/gold). This will collapse the Deep State/Globalist agenda and program. This AGENDA depends on money created arbitrarily so that it can dominate the marketplace. Digital money gets created arbitrarily and then gets circulated to those who promote the Globalist Agenda. Exchange your digits for silver coins/bars and gold coins/bars and use these historical metals as your STORE OF VALUE. This will create FEAR in our global bankster community! Fear means that their AGENDA will fail and collapse!

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