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Dismantling the Deep State and NWO! How? When?

Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 7:42 AM EDT

There is one SURE way to dismantle the political Deep State and their goals to create a New World Order. This single option is so simple yet so confusing for the many who lack an understanding of our history. Religious thinkers should be able to discern the simplicity and finality of this option. But secular thinkers may find that this alternative is unrealistic. Let’s think about money, value, and this idea of dismantling our corrupt Deep State and their Agenda.

Money and value rule over this planet. Money derives its meaning from this concept called ‘value’. Capitalism is based on this concept called ‘value’. Trading is based on this concept as is price discovery. Value is what we all desire when we buy, sell, trade, or invest. Money serves as this proxy (substitute) for ‘value’. Today, our money unit is ‘inner’ and fake. Most investors and the general public are unaware of this reality. Most think that our digital $ is real and stable. This is delusional thinking!

As investors and traders become AWARE of the phoniness and fakeness of our money units, they will desire to replace these units with some ‘thing’ (outer) which is perceived as having trading ‘value’ (independent of our Deep State). History shows that silver and gold (coins/bars) are this ‘thing’ which people generally view as having international trading ‘value’. Digits and computer numbers (today’s Deep State money) are not viewed (historically) as a ‘thing’ with ‘value’. So what does this mean?

What this means is that a real ‘Wealth Transfer’ from cyber digits (today’s Deep State money) to real physical silver/gold (the exchange) will create fear and trepidation in our bankster cartel operation. Banksters FEAR our historical money (silver/gold) and this is WHY they continually ‘suppress’ these prices with their robotic algorithms. Banksters can not live with a marketplace where silver/gold prices grow exponentially. This means that their New World Order and Mark of the Beast system would be unworkable (given this scenario).

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