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Declan Fallon is a UI/UX Dashboard Designer for First Derivatives/Kx Systems.  Declan Fallon runs a market commentary blog at, and is a contributor to Talk Markets and Seeking Alpha. He previously ... more


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Swing Trade Breaks In Shorts Favor But No Follow Through Lower
From a pure price perspective, the suggested swing trades broke to the downside, but the lack of follow-through beyond the opening hour doesn't suggest shorts are going to win here.
Has The Bounce Peaked?
The S&P again kept to resistance defined by the October spike low with the 50-day MA offering some additional resistance. Technicals edged bullish except the Directional indicator which slowed since November; indicating a switch to a trading range.
S&P & Dow Jones Reaches Resistance
Large Cap Indices finished right on resistance from the October and November swing lows.
Strong Friday Finish Negates Apple Bad News
Friday was the finish markets needed to offset the losses from Apple's earlier in the week earnings release. Once again, markets proved resilient in the face of bad news and this is bullish.
Embrace The Fear - Russell 2000 And S&P In 'Strong Buy' Territory
Investors should now take note that both the S&P and Russell 2000 fell into the 'Strong Buy' territory in the move to their respective swing lows. Like it or not, this is a significant investor buying opportunity for Small Cap stocks.
Support Goes Poof
Now the panic will start, but Investors should be rubbing their hands in glee. Shorts will be happy too but will need to be mindful of snap bear rallies which can quickly clock up 20% gains - and eat up profits.
S&P And Nasdaq Follow Russell 2000 Lower On Confirmed Distribution
Sellers stayed on for another day as it was the turn of the S&P and Nasdaq to follow the losses of the Russell 2000 from Friday.
Russell 2000 Takes A Step Lower
While it wasn't the biggest loser on the day, the Russell 2000 did manage to undercut the bullish hammer - ending any chance for a Santa rally of note. Look for this weakness to repeat for the S&P and Nasdaq.
Bearish Cover Undermines Nascent Bounce
The Nasdaq posted a small bearish black candlestick on Wednesday, which was followed by a small bearish engulfing pattern today.
Markets Struggle To Build On Yesterday's Bullish 'Hammers'
It was a good finish for bulls on Monday but there was a lack of follow through on what should have been a good day for buyers.
Russell 2000 Breaks Support; Other Indices To Follow?
With Christmas fast approaching it's looking increasingly unlikely Santa will be paying markets a visit.
Morning Gaps Higher Hold
Trump's overnight deal with China was going to cause a gap higher in the market. The challenge was whether this gap would be faded by shorts or if bulls would be able to push it higher.
Bottom Building Picks Up The Pace
The Fed stepped in at a good time with positive comments on rate increases as markets put some distance on recent swing lows.
Markets Continue To Shape A Swing Low
Today was a good day for market bottom watchers as new support levels kicked in for indices. Best of the bunch looks to be the Russell 2000.
Russell 2000 Digs In Again - Fresh 'Buy'
It could have been better but bulls should be happy with the work done in the Russell 2000.
Long Term Investors Get Another Bite But Traders Under Pressure
The Nasdaq undercut the piercing swing low on an end-of-day close which is probably enough to trigger most trader's stops.
1 to 16 of 842 Posts
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