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The Nuclear Option?
The U.S. is threatening to place tariffs on basically all Chinese goods and China has publicly introduced the so-called nuclear option. For the markets, this represents a stalemate - and the fear that the "tiff" might become prolonged.
EC Here We Go Again?
It took some impressive "dip buying" to keep the market out of the -3% correction zone last week. But the current pullback can so far be categorized as garden variety.
Is "Melt-Up" The Operative Word?
As long as big money continues to seek a home, the economy continues to grow, and corporate America continues to do what it does best - make money.
EC About That "Retest" Thing...
Lest we forget, when markets fall 20% in short order there is usually a reason.
Is There More Upside Ahead?
Stocks closed at a fresh cycle high on Friday as the S&P 500 has been enjoying a 7-day win streak, which is the longest in 18 months.
It's About Expectations Versus Reality
The bottom line is that the game is now all about expectations for growth versus the reality of what actually transpires.
Bulls Remain In Control
After "correcting the correction," the stock market is currently in the process of seeking an equilibrium point.
Does Growth Slowing Suddenly Matter?
The impetus for the rather sudden concern about the yield curve was the nasty manufacturing data out of Germany and the Eurozone.
Am I Wrong To Be A Little Concerned?
Since the Fed is apparently on hold and the trade deal (the deal that technically has not yet been reached) is expected to rejuvenate the global economy, investors appear to be most concerned about not missing the upside from here.
Let's Call It Constructive
The fact that stocks pulled back a bit last week shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone.
Thirteen Charts Tell The Story
The stock market has run a long way in a short period of time as the S&P has basically corrected the December swoon.
The Message From The Models: The Bulls Are In Charge, But...
The bulls have not been accommodative and all dips - which have largely been limited to intraday affairs - have been bought on a consistent basis this year.
The Driving Force Behind The Current Action Is...
Stocks seem to be rallying on the back of two assumptions. First, the Fed is an investor's best friend again. Second, it is assumed that a trade deal with China is going to get done soon.
Party On, Wayne - Market's Joyride To The Upside
dvdsvsvThe S&P has soared. The index is back above its 200-day moving average. There is talk of a new bull market.
Bull Vs. Bear. The Line In The Sand?
While the bulls appear to be in control of the game from a near-term perspective and it is clear that the intraday dips are being bought these days, the status of my Primary Cycle board indicators remains sub-par.
Herd Behavior
Computerized "herd behavior" isn't likely to go away anytime soon - especially when things get dicey in the markets. As such, one needs to have a plan to deal with these one-way moves.
1 to 16 of 266 Posts
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