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I am the founder and contributing editor of the blog and podcast, The Self-Directed Investor, where I share market-beating strategies for the thoughtful, disciplined, and patient do-it-yourself investor. I am currently working on my fourth ... more


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The Elevator Pitch Value Proposition
Understanding a publicly-traded company's value proposition – as reflected in its products or services – is crucial to the fundamental analysis of a potential stock for the self-directed investor.
Portfolio Allocation Strategies For The Self-Directed Investor
Portfolio allocation is as important as asset allocation. This post discusses the two most common portfolio weighting mechanisms: market weight and equal weight. Plus, why automatically reinvesting dividends is not always the best strategy.
Finding Value: Determining The Equity Bond Rate From Shareholder Yields
Self-directed stock investors should measure shareholder yields beyond just dividends. Despite being out of favor on Wall Street, three traditional retailers are generating multiple shareholder yields that are exceeding the ten-year Treasury rate.
Eight Principles Of Profitable Self-Directed Investing
Here are eight principles of profitable self-directed investing that when consistently implemented can produce market-beating portfolios over an extended period
1 to 4 of 4 Posts