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David Dierking is an analyst and writer focusing primarily on ETFs, mutual funds, dividend income strategies and retirement planning.

He is a current contributor for Seeking Alpha, ETF Daily News, MutualFunds.com, ETFdb.com and Dividend.com. In the past, he has contributed to Motley ... more


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It’s Starting: Manufacturing And Agriculture Jobless Claims Are Rising
The U.S. economy is essentially at full employment but the trade war might finally be turning things in the other direction.
Commodities Signal Deflationary Worries Are Growing But Recession May Not Be Near
As much as the Fed tries to use a combination of lower interest rates, fiddling with the dollar's value and the possibility of another round of QE, inflation has remained stubbornly low and it may be there to stay.
Should You Believe The Equity Market Or The Bond Market?
As we head into the second half of 2019, the financial markets are telling us two stories.
Will A China-U.S. Trade Deal Be A "Sell The News" Event?
Equity markets have been pricing in a China-U.S. trade deal for a while. With a rumored deal just a week away, is it time to sell the news?
Avoid The Solar ETF
The Solar ETF is up more than 35% year-to-date but now is the optimal time to stay away from the sector.
4 ETF Trade Ideas
Here are my four ETF trades to consider as we head into the weekend.
3 Mid-Week ETF Trades To Consider
Here are three ETF trades to consider for the remainder of this week.
The Biotech Sector Is On Sale; Time To Buy
The biotech sector is down 8-9% over the past few weeks but now is a good time to buy the dip.
Two ETFs To Buy And One To Avoid This Week
Here are three trades you may want to consider as we head into the coming week.
5 ETFs For The Small Cap Rally
After lagging their large cap counterparts for most of the past few years, small caps are back in the lead again.
Three Dividend ETF Ideas To Start Your Week
Dividend seekers should stick to tried and true strategies that have delivered results over time and don't count on quirky gimmicks to improve yield and limit risk. Here are three dividend ETFs to keep an eye on in the near future.
This Week’s ETF Launches: Pacer Debuts Military-Friendly ETF
ETF providers have been paying increasing attention to the socially conscious investing space. While assets haven’t exploded in the way fund managers may have hoped, it hasn’t stopped providers from trying to fill this need for interested investors.
HDV: Is This The Right Dividend ETF For An Uncertain Market?
Investors are probably looking for ways to protect themselves much more than they were a week ago. Whether positioning themselves with a more defensive portfolio or shifting from growth into value, there are a lot of different ETF options.
E Best New ETF Of 2017 Picks From The Inside ETFs Conference
Taking a look at some of the best new ETFs of 2017 from the Inside ETFs conference in Florida.
ETF Watchlist: Week Of January 15, 2018
Perhaps the hottest word in the tech sector right now is “blockchain”. Blockchain, a sort of digital ledger for cryptocurrency transactions, is most commonly associated with bitcoin, but could have an immense number of other technology applications.
ETF Watchlist: Week Of January 8, 2018
If there’s one thing to prepare yourself in 2018, it’s higher volatility. A market this calm is a significant outlier, and it’s appropriate to expect the equity markets to begin bouncing around more at some point in the near future.
1 to 16 of 105 Posts
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