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Cory Mitchell is an independent trader and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) specializing in pattern-based and statistical strategies. He is the founder of TradeThatSwing, a website dedicated to trader education and discussion. Graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been trading ... more

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The Cup And Handle Swing Trading Strategy - Explosive, Consistent Price Moves
The cup and handle strategy for stocks is one of my favorites. The strategy captures consistent and often explosive price moves/profits. The pattern is easy to find and trade, although there are some very specific traits you will want to look for.
The Aggressive One-Bar Trailing Stop Loss For Quick Trades
The one-bar, or one-candle trailing stop loss, aggressively moves the stop loss as each bar or candle closes. This reduces risk quickly, locks in profits, and prevents holding through a pullback.
The EURUSD Failed Technical Turnaround Day Trading Strategy
When the EURUSD makes a "head fake", use this day trading strategy to capitalize.
Know How Long A Trade Could Last, Before Entering
Knowing how a long trade may last has multiple benefits. Before taking a trade, write down or be aware of how long similar trades have typically taken before reaching a profitable exit, such as a profit target or trailing stop loss.
False Breakouts Are Key Trading Opportunities
False breakouts frustrate many new traders.
Which Forex Pairs To Trade – Day Trading And Swing Trading
Text and video looking at what pairs to day trade or swing trade based on your trading style and experience level.
Stock Market Outlook And Swing Trading Watchlist - Saturday, Oct. 17
Stock market outlook for swing trading stocks, as well as swing trades that are setting up in the US and Canadian markets.
Session High/Low Strategy Day Trades As The EURUSD Falls
The EURUSD is forming a topping pattern on the daily chart. The last two days have seen strong selling pushing the price down into a minor 1.17 support area. It hasn't broken through yet though.
How To Reduce A Scan List Down To A Potential Trade List
I was a little blown away by how many stocks are holding well during this pullback in the major indexes. The Nasdaq 100 is down about 12% from the high, and the S&P 500 is down about 7.5%.
Amazon Keeps Pushing Higher – What Drives The Price Action?
Amazon closed yesterday 4.09% higher on the general stock market frenzy. Investors keep pouring money into the stock market, with technology companies being their favorites.
AUD, RBA, And The Fed – How To Interpret A Currency’s Fluctuation
The Australian dollar (AUD) is one of the currencies that performed best during the current global crisis. After the initial shock in March, when the world looked for the safety of the American dollar (USD), the AUD began a steady move higher.
COVID-19 Economic Crisis And How Far Are We From Full Economic Recovery
Everyone talks about the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. Economies were shut down across the world and reopened months later. As people began working and traveling more, the infection rate bounced too.
How The U.S. Elections May Impact Financial Markets
With less than four months to go before the U.S. elections, financial markets have begun to prepare for the outcome.
It’s The NFP Day – Here’s What To Look For
It is the NFP day, and no trader can ignore its importance. Employment levels are more of a concern during recessionary times, especially when it comes to the largest economy in the world – that of the United States.
Dollar On Its Knees – Why USD Keeps Falling?
After an initial spike higher at the start of the coronavirus outbreak , the USD has since been on a constant decline.
ISM Non-Manufacturing Blows Expectations In July
The ISM Non-Manufacturing report for the month of July reached 58.1 – well beyond expectations and deep into the expansionary territory.
1 to 16 of 165 Posts
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