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Cory Fleck has been involved in the financial community for over 10 years. He received his Business Administration degree (with a concentration in finance, accounting, and marketing) from St. Andrews University in North Carolina while on a golf and tennis scholarship. After graduating Cory moved ... more

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Markets, Bonds, USD – All Down Today In The Face Of Economic Data And Tariff News
Chris Temple shares his thoughts on what caused the markets, bonds, and the US Dollar to move down.
A Close Look At The Oil Sector – Price, Supply/Demand, And Major Players That Will Drive 2020
The oil sector has been boring all year after peaking in late April at $66/barrel and trading in a range the rest of the year.
Wrapping Up The Week With Amazon Earnings Results
Chris Temple shares some thoughts on the swings we have seen in the markets so far today.
Earnings Season For Precious Metals Companies Is Off To A Good Start
Craig Hemke discusses the continued involvement of the Fed in the repo market as well as the Agnico Eagle Q3 earnings.
A Look At Some Of The Weaker Markets – Energy And Uranium
Chris Temple gives a couple of comments on the Fed continuing to inject money into the repo market and then quickly shifts to the energy and uranium sectors.
Gold Vs The Gold Stocks Performance
There have been a lot of comments regarding how the gold stocks are performing during this nice bounce in gold.
More Signs That The Global Slowdown Is Finally Hitting The US
Chris Temple shares his thoughts on the ISM data out this morning.
Stocks Continuing To Crash While Gold Is Soaring
The US market is looking bad.
Thoughts On Gold Breaking To 6 Year Highs
Richard Postma shares his thoughts on the breakout in gold.
Comments On The Gold And Oil Sectors
Richard Postma joins me today to share his thoughts on the range bound gold and oil sectors.
Interview: Relating Moves In Bonds, US Dollar & Stocks To Gold
Jordan Roy-Byrne shares his thoughts on how gold has reacted to the moves in bonds, USD, and US markets. While we are seeing a lot of range bound markets but gold has been strangely quiet.
Do The US Markets Need To Crash To Help Gold Breakout?
Both gold and US equities have been heading higher recently but now are both at near term strong resistance.
Summarizing The Brexit Vote, More China Market Intervention, And US Market Technical Levels
The Brexit vote failed by a wide margin however the markets more or less brushed it off.
Will Gold Drop Back To $1,210?
A discussion about the gold market and whether gold will drop back to $1,210.
Fed Minutes, The Goverment Shutdown, And The End Of This Market Rally
The government shutdown is fully underway but has not had a major impact on the markets. Overall the strategy for this year will be one of active and value investing.
When It Comes To US/China Trade Deals, Expect It To Be A Process
Trade relations between the two countries will not be settled all at once. We should expect this to be a process.
1 to 16 of 454 Posts
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