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US Stock Markets Big Picture Overview As They Reach Insane Oversold Extremes...
Today, after another devastating day in the markets we are going to stand back and take a “big picture” view of what is going on.
Gold Market Update - Monday, March 2
Gold suffered an extraordinarily brutal smackdown on Friday afternoon, which had been presaged by a similarly violent drop in Precious Metals shares on Thursday.
Silver Market Update - Monday, Feb. 24
Silver continues to put in a laggardly performance relative to gold, but this is not a cause for concern, it is normal at this stage in the cycle, and it gives would-be investors in the sector more time to position themselves.
Gold Market Update - Sunday, February 23
Even though gold’s progress in the recent past has been measured and modest it has actually done well – it took its time because it was chewing its way through the considerable resistance arising from the 2011 – 2013 top area.
Baltic Dry, Copper, Oil, Tech And China Continue To Call For Market Crash Soon...
Regardless of what the eventual impact of the Coronavirus epidemic is, US stock markets, in particular, seem to be in a state of denial about the actual real-world consequences of the Chinese shutdown and impact on the global supply chain.
Silver Market Update - Monday, January 20
If gold is looking set to react back over the short to medium-term, which it does, then it implies that silver, which is weaker at this stage in the cycle, is set to react back too.
Gold Market Update - Sunday, January 19
At first glance, gold looks like it may be about to advance out of a bull Flag.
Silver Market Update - Monday, January 13
Although last week’s reversal candle and the current rather extreme COT readings make short-term weakness likely, perhaps to the upper boundary of the Fall downtrend, the overall picture for silver is favorable.
Gold Market Update - Sunday, January 12
Although last week’s reversal candle and the current rather extreme COT structure mean that gold may react back more near-term, the overall picture is strongly bullish.
Silver Market Update - Sunday, January 05
The latest COT shows positions rising to extremes again by early last week, it seems likely that silver will back off some short-term, which would be logical if the tension associated with the killing of the Iranian General eases somewhat.
Gold Market Update - Sunday, January 05
While many investors are still agonizing about whether gold is in a bull market or not, that is because they are fixated on the charts for gold in US dollars.
Gold Market Update - Sunday, December 29
Gold is now a major bull market as evidenced by its strong breakout from a giant 6-year long base pattern in August.
Silver Market Update - Sunday, December 29
While silver’s charts do not yet look as positive as gold’s, that is normal at this early stage in the cycle, when gold is favored over silver, which attracts more speculative interest as the bullmarket progresses.
Gold Market Update - Monday, September 9
Although a major Precious Metals sector bull market has certainly started, various fundamental and technical factors came together last week to suggest that a significant correction to the recent strong runup has now started.
Broad US Stock Market Update - Strong Evidence That It May Be Out Of Time.....
Broadly speaking it looks like the broad US stock market is at or very close to a final top with broadening formations visible on the Dow Jones Industrials charts on shorter-term charts and on a larger scale on long-term charts.
Gold Market Update - Sunday, July 21
Gold’s latest COT readings do not preclude further advance, it is clear that it would benefit from an easing of current Commercial short and Large Spec long positions which are rather extreme and increase the chances of some sort of reaction here.
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