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Intel's Kaby Lake A Non-Event For AMD RyZen
4 years ago


Regarding AMD/NVDA, Sign up for alerts here (my journal):

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Is Blackberry Closing In On Apple’s Dominance?
5 years ago

Blackberry will license hub, assistant, bb keyboard to samsung. $1/ea? Game changer, easy money, high profit margin if deal done.

For now, we wait.

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Apple Back Under $100 On News It Will Extend IPhone Lifecycle To 3 Years, Cites Slowing Demand
5 years ago

PT for $80 still valid even with WB pumping the stock and pushing it to $99.

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$50 Oil Doesn’t Work
5 years ago

$40 /bbl PT likely. When it gets there, then load up the long position.

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Gartner - Chart Of The Day
5 years ago

Higher rates, higher oil prices may ultimately stop the new highs from getting to new highs. A good time to buy stocks then.

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Retired Investors Should Give This Blue-Chip Technology Stalwart A Close Look
5 years ago

Cisco is often underlooked but it is the best in the pond. See CIEN, JNPR, even NOK. They are all struggling in the networking space.

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BlackBerry Ltd Posts Better-Than-Expected Losses, Misses On Sales
5 years ago

BlackBerry must simply lever its know-how in Android security and roll out at least TWO more devices: 1. Classic-style bold but with bigger screen.

2. Passport Android

3. Curve-style Android - cheap but with bigger screen.

Once the quarterly run rate of 1M/Qtr done, sell the hardware division to Google.

In this article: BBRY (NOW BB)
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