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What’s Your Purpose?
I find the world fascinating. Humans are amazing. We just launched the James Webb Telescope to see world’s formed billions of years ago and the Elizabeth Line. Both are projects of immense challenge and immense cost, as covered by many documentaries.
The Neobank Era Is Just Beginning
The 10 leading neobanks in the US grew by a little more than 10 million accounts in 2021, from 23.3 million to 33.5 million, according to Cornerstone Advisors.
SWIFT May Not Exist In Five Years, According To Mastercard
The CEO of MasterCard, Michael Miebach, stated at a conference the other day that SWIFT might no longer exist in the next five years.
Why Old Banks Should Be Worried
I heard an interesting comment from a friend who said that he had worked with incumbents and start-ups. The big difference is that the incumbent views digital as a cost-cutting exercise, and the start-up sees it as a customer-enhancing opportunity.
Is Bitcoin’s Energy Usage The Wrong Question
Is bitcoin that bad for the planet? I constantly see headlines saying bitcoin will destroy Earth and generates more power usage than Moldova and Uruguay combined, or wherever. Is it true?
European Banks Prove To Be Worst Offenders For Money Laundering
Banks are trying to expand their business and revenues, but fall foul of rules because regulators want banks to only deal with bona fide customers, and not those who are hiding bad deeds. It’s a constant battle and it has been going on for years.


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