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Why Would Any Sane Investor Even Look At This?

Date: Saturday, December 17, 2016 12:58 PM EDT

Now from CNBC:

"It would also lead to infrastructure investments in Mongolia, including the development of a railway that could link into the Chinese rail network and deliver coal to destinations throughout China."

That, folks, is the same railroad.

Here's the bottom line. Politics always matters and the politics in Mongolia changed recently. You'd be well served to understand who is in power and what their motivations may be.

As Mark Yusko, the brilliant mind behind Morgan Creek Capital, remarked to me: "You can make a lot of money when things go from awful to merely bad."

Oh, and before you ask... Yes, I'm fully aware it's up 3x but if you're buying a bankrupt Mongolian miner with a reward potential of only 3x you need your head examined.


Mongolia has a huge amount of problems ahead of them. They'll probably default on their debt, be bailed out by the IMF, and who knows what else but things just went from goddamned awful to less bad and the political motivations favour one company right now.


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- Chris

PS: Please note that I've disclosed my interests in this company.

"You can make a lot of money when things go from awful to merely bad." — Mark Yusko

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