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How to Encourage Your Team to Generate Innovative Marketing Ideas

Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 2:19 PM EDT

Whether you own a marketing agency or manage an in-house marketing team, coming up with innovative marketing solutions is essential to your success. As the needs of consumers and technologies evolve, it is imperative for companies to continually gravitate by finding new ways to reach their target audience. It goes without saying, however, that coming up with innovative ideas isn’t always easy. 

So, how do you get your team to come up with ideas that will help you accomplish your marketing goals? Here are a few methods of inspiration to try listed below: 

Design a Creative Workspace

In order to encourage your team to generate new ideas,you must create an environment where they feel comfortable doing so. You can ditch cubicles and office walls that isolate your team from one another for a more open, free-flowing office space, change bland wall colors to bold and bright colors that boost energy and spark creativity, and provide comfortable furniture and adequate supplies, tech, and tools for improved productivity. 

Get Out of the Office

Sometimes, a change of environment is all it takes to spark new ideas. Whenever possible, create opportunities for your marketing team to get out of the office to get those creative juices flowing. Whether it’s working in a designated outdoor space, attending a conference, or simply treating the gang to a friendly lunch, it exposes them to new things which can often ignite creativity.

Brainstorming Sessions

Some of the best ideas are derived through brainstorming. Encourage your marketing team to collaborate with one another in sharing their opinions, facts, concerns, and ideas. This increases the amount of brainpower in the room, therefore, increasing the chances of generating concepts that work. Employees get to share their ideas with their peers and get constructive feedback that helps to enhance those ideas even further. 

Designate Assignments Based on Skill

It’s a lot easier to come up with new ideas if you’re familiar or experienced in that particular area. For example, an employee who specializes in web design would have an easier time coming up with new designs for clients than someone with social media experience. When assigning projects to your marketing team, give them tasks that play to their professional strengths and experiences for a better outcome. 

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