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10 Tips For Setting Personal Financial Goals

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 8:45 AM EDT

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There are limitless ways to spend money, but a good plan minimizes waste. In the absence of a proper goal, the money you saved up would end up in limbo. But most importantly, saving money requires personal discipline. If saving isn't your strong suit, there are many excellent services available that can help.  Personally, I've used Payday Depot, which I believe offers the best professional tips on how to set financial goals and achieve them.

In my own efforts to my my savings, here is what I've learned and I'll share this knowledge with you:

Tips on How to Set Financial Goals

1. Set Priorities

Priorities should guide financial goals. What matters to you financially? This forms the foundation of long-term financial goals and must hence be kept in mind when setting short-term goals.

2. Set a Budget

A financial goal should not compromise other financial obligations. It is good to set a budget to determine how much to set aside for various objectives. Set the amount for other monthly expenses as well, and determine the amount to be channeled to the goal.

3. Be Realistic

Being optimistic is good, but there are limits. Whatever you want to achieve, consider all the underlying constraints, go on, and work towards it.

4. The Goal Should Be Measurable

Translating financial aspirations to a goal requires them to be measurable. Is there a figure attached to your goal? Assume you are saving for a car; its value must be specific. This works as the guideline towards a savings plan.

5. Attach a Time Frame to Your Goal

After setting the target amount, the next thing is the target duration. There must be a specific time to meet the goal. This determines the amount you will save, say per month. E.g., buy a car by 2022. One requires saving a specific amount per the set duration to achieve this goal within the set time.

6. Track the Progress

Are you going on as planned? Track your progress towards the goal to ensure you are following your plans.

7. Account for Inflation

Your goal requires some time, and the dollar value is not static. When setting a financial goal, it is always good to set aside some amount to account for inflation. Add some amount to the expected amount on maturity, rather than ending in a deficit.

8. Break New Goals to Smaller Goals

Achieving a goal is not a one-time event but a process. Bigger goals should be broken into smaller ones with achievement plans. For instance, if you want to build a house in the next five years, set annual targets.

9. Invest in a Software

There is a difference between setting a financial goal and managing it. Everything goes down to your ability to manage the goal. Get a tool that can help you achieve progress. Business management tools provide charts and graphs, as well as reminders to keep you on track.

10. Make Amendments

Setting goals does not mean being immune to uncertainties. Sometimes, life presents uncertainties that interfere with our programs. Either way, whenever other priorities emerge, go back to the drawing board and adjust your plan to fit the situation.


Setting a financial goal may be simple, but achieving it requires discipline and sacrifice. But with both, you can achieve your goals with ease.

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