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Using SEC Form 13F To Track Warren Buffett’s Trades
Today, investors rely on a number of tools to make better decisions. One such tool which all investors should be aware of is the Securities Exchange Disclosure form 13F which tracks large institutional money manager performance.
Webull: A Great New Investment App Or "Cr"app?
When I was first asked to review this investment app, I thought 'what could a new app from a company I never heard of offer that I didn’t already have from a well-known investment company?' Well, I'll tell you...


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I Am Kind Of Pissed
1 month ago

I received a welcome email with all this info when I first joined. You should have too. But just go to the "earning equity" section in the dropdown menu. There's also been an occasional email update about this that included general info about the company's growth. But I don't think there has been one in a while. At least not that I saw.

Time To Sell Apple Stock? Apple Stock Split Update
6 months ago

But why would the author recommend to sell $AAPL right before the product launches for Apple watch, ipad, and iPhone 12?

In this video: AAPL
Covid-19 Dividend Cuts
8 months ago

Yes, he's one of my favorite authors here.

Under The Spotlight: The TJX Companies, Inc.
1 year ago

Looks like a good stock pick. $TJX

In this article: TJX
Cannabis Central: Don't Buy A Marijuana ETF Until You've Read This Article
1 year ago

I don't really think any of these are particularly good at the moment.

Having Access To President Trump's Innermost Thoughts Is Killing Traders
1 year ago

Everyone has a right to an opinion.

In this article: SPX
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