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25 years experience private and public equity investor. 25  years in the Financial and Advertising Industries. I am a previous advertising executive working at major ad agencies in New York, chiefly at J Walter Thompson, Doyle Dane Bernbach, and Bozell. I also worked on an award winning ... more

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Nasdaq 100 At All-Time Highs: Time To Sell Stocks Or More Gains Ahead?
29 days ago

having a deja vu here..guess because you sent this piece to my email via Seeking good article.

RecessionAlert Weekly Leading Index Update - Saturday, April 20
1 month ago

usually we're already in a recession before all these nice red flags.

What Are The Benefits Of The Blockchain?
1 month ago

Yeah, there's only one problem - it's rather unnecessary here in the US. I suppose of you're some poor sod living in Venezuela, a stable currency might sound appealing.

Two Types Of Risk, But Only One Really Matters
1 month ago

This is nothing but an ad for his business.

Who Will Get Poor From Uber, Lyft, And Other "Unicorns" That Go Public?
1 month ago

Do pimps pay withholding or health insurance? Honey, it's the brave new world of get flesh as cheap as you can. Disgusting? Especially when you consider how criminally rich these bozos got today.

In this article: LYFT
Apple Surge Slices Through 200-Day Moving Average
1 month ago

I am long aapl and suggest any serious investor do their dd

In this article: AAPL
Some Thoughts On What Is Happening
4 months ago

regarding your Greenspan comment I posit the latter. cheers

Some Thoughts On What Is Happening
4 months ago

Sir, you misinterpret me. #Powell can't be data dependent and on autopilot simultaneously. I'm all for the Fed blathering to the masses about what it's up to. Delivery your little speech and get the hell of the podium. The post press conferences are stupid.

I never referred to that Ayn Randster groupie's marble mouthed delivery but now that you brought him up, it was an insult to the public and he exposed himself as the fool he was. Worst Fed chief of all and that's saying a LOT.

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