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Some Tasks Ahead Of Us In Community Development

Date: Monday, March 20, 2017 5:25 PM EDT

Vincent Ferrini, in his Gloucester Daily Times review of my book titled The Economic Process (2002), stated that the book “has the answers to universal poverty and the anxieties of the affluent.” Precisely. That is the essence of Concordian economics.

That is one of the reasons why the other day I participated in the Open Mic program of the Gloucester Writers, the organization that carries Ferrini’s legacy forward.

But there was another much deeper reason for me to be there that night. As I explained in the third edition of this book, the changes I have brought to economic theory make economics again intelligible to intellectuals. Intellectuals, therefore, are presented with the golden opportunity to neglect the misleading mathematics of modern economics and regain control of the full spectrum of public decisions concerning our life, liberty, and property. Just as intellectuals used to do before Adam Smith.

A tall order, perhaps; but an indispensable one. The ship of state is running through very perilous waters. Only sane and sound economic policies will right its course. All hands aboard!

Once intellectuals again assume responsibility for the content of our public discourse, they can participate fully in the performance of some of the most important tasks that are ahead of us here in Gloucester, and most other communities as well. I have put these tasks in the form of three interlocked Internet petitions:


The intent of these petitions is addressed in a variety of my writings and more intensively in To My Polis—with Love as well as in two recent articles:

The first petition calls for full respect by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) of the laws of nature—rather than evanescent statistical laws that the Magnuson-Stevens Act (MSA) has imposed upon the Service amidst much mistrust engendered in fishermen, the general public, and especially in ecologists. Unnecessary dislocations in the family fishing fleet have occurred, as a consequence of which we import—at great burden on our international balance of payments—about 90% of the seafood consumption in the United States.

Biological laws on land as well as at sea tell us that nature keeps a balance in its affairs by allowing predators to do their job until they become so overpowering that their stocks collapse and, in turn, become the prey of the moment. It has to be highly recommended that the US Congress amend MSA to annul its destructive regulations and require the satisfaction of only two mandates: First, NMFS has to do the utmost to prevent overfishing by the large corporations, national as well as international corporations; second, NMFS has to allow fishermen to guard against overfishing by the natural predators of the moment and thus work in unison with—not against—the laws of nature.

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