Blogger & Retired Russell 2000 E-mini Futures Day Trader

Blogger and retired Russell 2000 E-mini Futures Day Trader.

I was first introduced into the world of trading when I took an options course in Porlock, England in involved buying options on the FTSE 100 Index.

The instructor was a Scottish fellow named Jock. He was ... more


China's Shanghai Index: No Longer A Market Leader
A review of the monthly comparison chart of the S&P 500 Index versus China's Shanghai Index.
Sell In May And Go Away...For The Rest Of 2019?
After hitting a low of 2346.58 on December 26, the SPX closed out the year at 2506.85 and has since climbed to a new high of 2954.13 on May 1, surpassing its prior high. It has pulled back a bit to close at 2881.40 on Friday.
China's Shanghai Index Rejected At Major Resistance
Monday's losses occurred after two tweets Sunday night by President Trump regarding trade and tariffs.
General Market Musings
US equities and bonds will continue to outperform the world markets (especially post-Mueller. The slow melt-up continues, punctuated, periodically, by episodes of consolidation and minor for a strong U.S. dollar to support this.
A Joe Biden Stock Market
Former Vice-President Joe Biden may run for President in the 2020 election. He stated recently that his platform would be the Obama/Biden policies of yesteryear.
SPX:VIX Ratio In "New Bull Market" Territory
For the third day in a row, price closed on Tuesday above what I've called the 200 "New Bull Market" level since it first broke through during the first week in 2017.


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Justice Deserved? Justice Served? Market Reaction To Kavanaugh?
7 months ago

The thing that troubles me most is that Democrats had already prounced him "guilty" at the outset without allowing him his constitutional right of "innocent until proven guilty" and due process...that is not a democracy by any means. People are entitled to their opinions, but in legal matters, facts and law matter. As far as Ms. Ford is concerned, none of the people who she said were there said they were not, so I have to conclude by those (only) actual facts that it didn't happen. And, you're right both lives will be ruined...needlessly and recklessly, I'd add.

U.S. Banks And 2 & 10-Year Yields
10 months ago

You're welcome, Susan. Interesting...TalkMarkets must have enlarged them after I replied to you, as I don't have access to edit my posts here.

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U.S. Banks And 2 & 10-Year Yields
10 months ago

Thanks, Susan. You'll have to go to my website and click on the charts there to see larger sizes. It's too bad that TalkMarkets doesn't have that same enlargement feature, as I've older eyes, too. :-)

Link to my Blog:

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Trump Drives HOG Out Of U.S.
10 months ago


The U.S. already has 12,000 tariffs in place on a variety of goods from numerous countries, so Trump's tariffs will be piled on top of those. American consumers will pay the price of a trade war, which will end up costing the U.S. far more than any minor benefits to its producers and manufacturers, inasmuch as these tariffs are paid to the government as taxes, not to U.S. companies. So any tax relief offered to Americans by the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will be offset by trade war taxes, including job losses.

And, why would he want to restrict the sale of U.S. products to world markets? It makes no sense!

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President Trump: Not A Proven International Win-Win Deal Maker
11 months ago

N.B. Lots of UPDATES have been posted on my article at my Blog at Strawberry Blonde's Market Summary.

Israel's Tel Aviv 125 Index Poised For A Rally
1 year ago

Perhaps this summer will be better with a more fulsome support from the US and President Trump.

U.S. Major Indices Fail To Hold Onto Gains In 2018 Q1
1 year ago

Could be that the perception of its ties to customer data is weighing more negatively, at the moment, than on its other business pursuits...we'll see if that escalates or abates...either way, I think volatility will remain for awhile.

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SPX 3000?
1 year ago

P.S. to my article above...

Alternatively, we may see a hit of 3000 (or beyond to its next major external Fibonacci level of 3047) at the +5 channel deviation level sometime in February, potentially taking the Dow 30 along with it to around 26,700 (as I described recently in my post of January 11). Subsequently, these indices may move sideways for awhile to allow some of this parabolic surge (that began after the November 2016 Presidential election) to dissipate.

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SPX: 100-Point Rally Ahead?
1 year ago

Many thanks, Bill! :-)

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Tech Sector Holds The Key
2 years ago's unclear to me at this point. Perhaps, barring any major geo-political (including domestic) upsets or oversees nuclear "mistakes" in the near future, we'll eventually see markets resume an uptrend after drifting in this range, or maybe a bit lower until the fall. Although, there's still the possibility that markets spike higher one last time before a (rumoured) June rate hike.

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