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I am a professional trader with over 30 years experience. I have invested in commodities for over thirty years, and have seen several cycles. For the past decade I have mostly been out. Why? Because the prices were too high to go long. I did take some small short positions, but I am always wary ... more

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Regression To Trend: Another Look At Long-Term Market Performance - Tuesday, Oct. 2
1 year ago

Look, if you draw a trendline using all the data in the series, it's always going to look like a good fit. Trouble is, it tells you nothing about predictive ability. Suppose you were in 1945, the halfway point in your series. You could have drawn a pretty good trendline up till then. But it would have missed the second half of the series completely.

Be A Pig And Make It Big In Commodities
4 years ago

Interesting that Southern Copper / Grupo Mex (same owners) are the only ones increasing capex. Shows the power of being the low cost producer.

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