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I’m Bram de Haas. I seek downside protection and upside optionality through idiosyncratic, truly differentiated investments.

Investing, like poker, is all about taking calculated risks. I research investment opportunities far off the beaten path for my benefit and that of my ... more

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17 days ago
AwkwardOrmsbee QTRResearch tim_cook I think he offered one + to show how to use it himself
19 days ago
pbreit Paul_M_Huettner AJack1122 It's not as "predictive" as "regular" selling but it is not entirely meaningles…
1 month ago
RT QTRResearch: NEW PODCAST: Quoth the Raven #103 - Montana Skeptic $TSLA $TSLAQ
2 months ago
Seth Klarman message to Davos:
3 months ago
Can't hurt to remind yourself once in a while (interesting short blog @ Farnam Street)