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BluStar Market Timer Investment Philosophy: The stock market is currently in a technical Elliott Wave Bear Market Rally. It has been exhibiting A-B-C type waves instead of the normal 5 Waves since the market topped in 2000. According to "The Original Works of R.N. Elliott", we are due ... more


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The 4% Drop Ahead: Down Into February 6?
The chart below explains why I now believe we drop down into February 6th to the 2202 SPX level.
Countdown:An E-Wave Perspective
Going back and reevaluating the wave counts going back to the founding of our country, I realized that we are in the final 5th of a 5th of a 5th which, itself, may be a millennial 3rd wave going back through European statistics to around 1000 C.E..
Quick Update: GDX, SPX
The astro/cycle/waves suggested a top on Monday in the SPX and a low on Thursday this week. I’m expecting a negative reaction to the FED and a test of the 2116/17 area by. A bounce into Friday should be another shorting opportunity into Sept 27th
Stock Market, Gold Update
It looks as though the stock market is waiting for the malefic Saturn Stationary/Direct in Sagittarius around August 13th before any serious damage might occur.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts