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Flights To Safety: Treasuries, Gold, Nasdaq (?) And Bitcoin (?)
10 months ago

Thanks for the read and comment. Understanding the Bitcoin phenomenon is way above my pay grade.


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Inflation / Recession Obsession Win’s The Day!
1 year ago

Thank you Adam. I appreciate your readership.


“The Market Is Not Cheap” … Or Is It?
1 year ago

Justin, thank you for your comment and readership. The very best of the season to you and yours and may you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


Good News Is Bad News And Bad News Is Good In Today’s Upside Down Market
1 year ago

Thank you Anne for your affirmation and readership 


Has Warren Buffett Gone Mad?
1 year ago

Thanks for checking in and thanks for your readership.


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Inflation And Interest Rates: “Keep Calm And Carry On”
1 year ago

Correct, the market went up yesterday and gave more than twice back today. My post goes into a lot of detail about the inflation we are experiencing. Energy and food are not something easily regulated by Fed policy. It seems to me that the market has its knickers in a twist over the possibility that the Fed will induce a recession. BTW the economic research Bureau defines a recession as two consecutive down quarters of GDP. On the surface that type of slowdown does not seem to onerous. Meanwhile, the market is acting like we are heading into financial crisis number two, some sort of new pandemic, or a horrible black swan event. None of this seems to be in the cards right now except for the black swan. Since you can't predict them I will assume for the time being the next black swan is not just around the corner as the last one, the pandemic, was such a recent happening. I see the current cyclical bear  market where the very stretched technology sector has really taken it on the chin to be completely normal in the context of a secular bull market. Lots of great opportunities are being created in this advice is to keep the faith and take advantage of the fire sale prices. As for jobs regardless of the price of gasoline, former burger flippers wages have gone from $10 an hour to 20/$25 an hour probably still feel like they've died and gone to heaven. Due to demographics higher paid more experienced workers find it much easier to trade jobs to better higher paying positions today than ever. The fact that your stock prices have gone down, as usual, May not be indicative of what's going on in the real economy.

The current panic in stocks which seem to represent a great opportunity to keep the faith as well as pick up some very interesting bargains. Again I would advise you to read my post thoroughly. There is a lot of positive perspective in that post that I agleaned over the past 50 years as an investment professional.

thank you for your comment.


Imminent Corrections And Other Things That Scare Us
2 years ago

Thank you Anne. Sorry about the late response but I do appreciate your readership.


What’s Bugging’ This Market? Record Highs And No Celebrations
2 years ago

Thank you Michele. I appreciate you taking a look at the article.


The Death Of Oil
3 years ago

Wall street Wiz, my sense is that Mr. Newman was being facetious with his comment. Although I cannot speak for him I am pretty much in agreement with your bullish call on CVX.

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