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If Bull Markets Are “Born On Pessimism,” Where Are We Now?
Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria
What Has This Market So Spooked?
Here is the headline that crushed the market Tuesday August 13 (and continues to crush it): “Inflation rose 0.1% in August even with a sharp drop in gas prices.”
Friday, Another Day In The Clueless Market: What Were You Expecting Powell To Say?
Powell’s speech contained nothing that had not been said before and the “pain” that he is referring to is already being felt in certain inflated sectors. Expect more tough talk. The Fed’s bark may turn out to be worse than its data-dependent bite.
Which Is Worse? The People Who Try To Predict The Market Or Those Who Follow Their Advice?
There are people who make their living by convincing their audience that trading and market timing is easy and appropriate for all investors. Don’t buy what they are selling. Trading and market timing is tough and can be very costly.
Are The Sellers Exhausted?
Maybe the sellers are exhausted. Or maybe the market is doing its usual thing,  gazing down the road and forecasting better times 12 to 18 months from now. While the market is doing its thing the media and pundits are doing theirs. 
Has Warren Buffett Gone Mad?
Buffet is taking advantage of a computer/algorithmic driven market where the computers have gotten hold of the notion that a recession might be bad for oil demand. Unlike the computers he is continuing to play the long game.


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Has Warren Buffett Gone Mad?
2 months ago

Thanks for checking in and thanks for your readership.


In this article: BRK-B, OXY
Inflation And Interest Rates: “Keep Calm And Carry On”
3 months ago

Correct, the market went up yesterday and gave more than twice back today. My post goes into a lot of detail about the inflation we are experiencing. Energy and food are not something easily regulated by Fed policy. It seems to me that the market has its knickers in a twist over the possibility that the Fed will induce a recession. BTW the economic research Bureau defines a recession as two consecutive down quarters of GDP. On the surface that type of slowdown does not seem to onerous. Meanwhile, the market is acting like we are heading into financial crisis number two, some sort of new pandemic, or a horrible black swan event. None of this seems to be in the cards right now except for the black swan. Since you can't predict them I will assume for the time being the next black swan is not just around the corner as the last one, the pandemic, was such a recent happening. I see the current cyclical bear  market where the very stretched technology sector has really taken it on the chin to be completely normal in the context of a secular bull market. Lots of great opportunities are being created in this advice is to keep the faith and take advantage of the fire sale prices. As for jobs regardless of the price of gasoline, former burger flippers wages have gone from $10 an hour to 20/$25 an hour probably still feel like they've died and gone to heaven. Due to demographics higher paid more experienced workers find it much easier to trade jobs to better higher paying positions today than ever. The fact that your stock prices have gone down, as usual, May not be indicative of what's going on in the real economy.

The current panic in stocks which seem to represent a great opportunity to keep the faith as well as pick up some very interesting bargains. Again I would advise you to read my post thoroughly. There is a lot of positive perspective in that post that I agleaned over the past 50 years as an investment professional.

thank you for your comment.


Imminent Corrections And Other Things That Scare Us
11 months ago

Thank you Anne. Sorry about the late response but I do appreciate your readership.


What’s Bugging’ This Market? Record Highs And No Celebrations
1 year ago

Thank you Michele. I appreciate you taking a look at the article.


The Death Of Oil
1 year ago

Wall street Wiz, my sense is that Mr. Newman was being facetious with his comment. Although I cannot speak for him I am pretty much in agreement with your bullish call on CVX.

The Death Of Oil
1 year ago

Craig, that’s kind of what it looks like.

Biden’s Big Lead Could Be Partly Behind Market’s Drop
2 years ago

Adam, thanks for your comment. I think the market likes huge stimulus and zero interest rates (Regardless of the party in power) into the forseable future much better than it Will have ever liked Mr. Trump.

“In A Stock Market Like This, Anything Could Cause The Next Panic”
2 years ago

Andrew, it is easy to be pessimistic in the media overload we get each day. Most of this is negative because it gets your attention. I think you need to step back and realize that 85% of people that get coronavirus do not go to the emergency room and they don’t die. The vast majority of fatalities a cure in the population above 80 years old and with prior Health issues.

So far there have been 3,138,000 test confirmed cases and 218,000 deaths. Which would give you about a 6% fatality rate. However there could be millions of cases That have been undiagnosed that could drop this fatality rate considerably. And this issue of undiagnosed cases is beginning to get more and more press. Importantly, you need to consider all the completely outrageously wrong predictions that were made over the past two months.

So far our current pandemic does not hold a candle to that of the Spanish influenza. Please take a look at this link.

This too will pass. Coming out the other side we will be dealing with a huge amount of stimulus both monetary and fiscal. My sense is it’s going to have a very positive affect on the market.

Thanks for stopping by.


A Postcard From The Bunker
2 years ago

Not really. In our democracy it is up to all of us to be critical Thinkers. Buyer beware!The sad thing is that the commander in chief is wired into the Fox echo chamber. The echo chamber always agrees with the commander in chief.That’s why we are in the position we find ourselves at today. Critical thinkers have no place at this table.

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