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Uncertainty Certainly Muddies Market Waters

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 11:28 AM EST

It's hard for me to see Americans, in whom a deep streak of honesty and decency runs (and who hope that's what they're getting when they vote) selecting a President who is under investigation--for the second time-- by the FBI, which realizes that in order to retain the respect of Americans it must--in spite of official criticism and resistance--objectively pursue a justice in which Americans can believe.

How, if Clinton is elected, could her Presidency escape the plague of concerns that would leave millions of Americans with disturbing question marks of uncertainty...some which might never go away.All this would serve to weaken her standing personally, and that of her administration.Opposing forces, domestic and foreign, would always be looking to exploit perceived weakness.

I just read some commentary by Franklin Sanders, the Moneychanger, over in middle Tennessee.He quoted Franklin D. Roosevelt who was reported to have said that there are no accidents in politics, and if developments look like accidents, they were planned to look that way.

If the shadowy puppeteers, who make the actors dance in DC, have given up on the electability of a certain candidate, more uncertainty looms.The electorate has already cast millions of early ballots, so, the unprecedented withdrawal of one of the candidates would throw the election into a tizzy.How would a last minute candidate be named?And by whom?And who might try to intervene?And can charges of election rigging be effectively addressed?And would the election be postponed...or even be held?And, if not, how would the country be governed...and by whom?  Certain uncertainties.

For the past couple of months, I've been reading pundits who say this is going to happen if Candidate X is elected, and that is going to happen if Candidate Y is elected.All that is problematical...regardless of who is elected President simply because Presidents aren't always effective in getting support for their agendas, and they can be thwarted by what Congress, the puppeteers... and voters... want.

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