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Japan's Stock Market Held Up By BOJ Buying Stocks
The BOJ has lifted the stock market using ETFs. This market pumping has morphed into a program that is akin to fraud to give the appearance they are moving forward.
Italy Picked Off By China? The Folly Of It All
The Italian Prime Minister just signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Rome. The agreement made Italy the first founding EU member to sign on to Beijing's "One Belt, One Road" initiative. This is a bid deal!
China's C919 Poses Major Threat To Boeing's Dominance
The C919, being built by Chinese state-owned aviation manufacturer Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, is a perfect example of Chinese intentions and should send fear into the hearts of Americans and a kick in the teeth of those endorsing free trade.
India Tightens Noose On E-Retailers And We Should Too!
India has tightened the noose on E-retailers and America should too. It is important to understanding the value of brick and mortar stores to local communities and to make sure the playing field remains fair so communities continue to thrive.
Hyperinflation Seldom Occurs But Can With Rapid Speed
The hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic suddenly destroyed the currency and relates to currency trading today. As inflation takes root the goods available for sale often contracts as sellers retreat from the market awaiting higher prices..
Trends Point To Rents Edging Higher In The Future
Several trends point to the reality we should expect rents to edge higher in the future. Rising property taxes and fees, utility bills, as well as increased maintenance cost, must be passed on or the supply of housing will substantially decrease.


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The Real Trade War
2 months ago

China is busy cutting a path forward even with much of the world is in economic turmoil. Despite economic problems popping up in countries across the world, China is hellbent on pursuing its goal of galvanizing itself as the leading global power.

The Chinese are rapidly expanding China's One Belt One Road initiative into new areas using a scheme of promising loans and investments to countries struggling economically. More on the implications of China's direction and why it may fail in the article below.

GDP-B Doesn’t Cut It Either
3 months ago

In the last 30 years, a growing gap has become obvious between government reporting of inflation, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), and the perceptions of actual inflation held by the general public. The numbers government pumps out today are the result of changes made in the 1990s when political Washington moved to change the nature of the CPI.

The cuts in reported inflation were an effort to reduce the federal deficit without anyone in Congress having to do the politically impossible which was to register a vote that would harm the image of Social Security. I further contend that inflation would be much greater if more money was flowing into tangible goods rather than paper investments and promises. For proof as to the real cost of inflation just look at the surging replacement cost resulting from recent storms and natural disasters. The article below delves into this issue.

Don’t Be Euphoric Over Two Months Of Gains
4 months ago

Optimism that a new trade deal will occur between America and China has driven stock markets higher even as data continues to emerge confirming economies across the world continue to slow. It seems much of the current market fervor is based on optimism and hope falls into the category of "irrational exuberance" a term that Allen Greenspan has in the past used to describe unbridled enthusiasm. More on the realities being ignored in the following article.

The U.S. Has A Huge Merchandise Surplus With China (And That's Okay)
1 year ago

Sorry but I disagree. People are naive if they do not recognize the distinct advantage a state-driven economy has over free enterprise, at least initially. A bit predatory in nature, such a system can quickly exploit the weaknesses of its competitors. It is important we recognize China is a state-run economy based on a business model that is geared to expand by crushing the competition.

Subsidizing those companies working within its system in a multitude of ways helps it achieve this goal. Countries that export goods at slightly below cost in exchange for manufacturing jobs are not stupid they are predatory and we in America are their prey. The article below explores the ramifications of this.

This Is The Biggest Risk To Amazon Stock
1 year ago

The link under my prior comment failed, try this.

In this article: AMZN
This Is The Biggest Risk To Amazon Stock
1 year ago

Two weeks ago it was Amazon is expanding into delivery with “Shipping with Amazon,” or SWA. Then it was about how Amazon was going full tilt into the grocery business, a sector that has always been challenging. Now it is banking or better yet "checking" which does not normally create huge profits. So again I ask, how does Amazon merit such a high stock valuation?

The idea Amazon is entering into this part of the business world should force any logical investor to question why their stock is trading at a PE 300 time future earnings. It is insane to think any "delivery company" can ever be worth such a high multiple. More on this bad idea in the article below.

http://Amazon To Compete With UPS And FedEx, Seriously?.html

In this article: AMZN
Japanese Bubble Bursting Playbook
1 year ago

China has been building ghost cities, Japan did not.

Peter Schiff: Fed Has Been "Bluffing," No Rate Hike In 2015
4 years ago

Nothing has really changed. America imports around five hundred billion dollars more from other countries every year than they export. This means we have a giant trade deficit, when we add this to our enormous government deficit it is easy to see that we are living far beyond our means. The Fed has been superbly entrepreneurial when it comes to Ponzi schemes or pseudo-economics hocus-pocus that has allowed the current situation to develop.

The Fed has yet to address a real exit strategy and end the massive and corrosive stimulus that the economy has come to expect. To make matters worse little has been done to address our structural problems and make America more competitive, this will massively thwart growth going forward. Debt does matter, more on why the Fed is trapped in a corner and their policies are destined to fail in the article below.

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Bruce Wilds Commented on The Real Trade War:

China is busy cutting a path forward even with much of the world is in economic turmoil. Despite economic problems popping up in countries across the world, China is hellbent on pursuing its goal of galva...

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The Mind Of The Common Millionaire Is Worth Studying
It is difficult to reconcile the fact that 60% of the millennials surveyed say they believe they will be wealthy "within 1 to 10 years" considering that 59% of those in this age group said they still live paycheck to paycheck.
True Price Discovery And Valuations Key To Free Markets
Central banks and governments have been intervening in the markets, strengthening the argument that true price discovery has been distorted. Proper pricing assets are the bedrock of free markets.
Fed's Chief Concerned May Be Dollar Creating Instability
Following Friday's strong job report nobody is talking about raising interest rates or how this may be inflationary. Powell may be trying to navigate a course that doesn't cause the dollar to strengthen to where it devastates emerging markets.
The Signs Of Economic Stagnation Are On The Rise
The economy has been driven for years by deficit spending and credit expansion. Soon the lift from credit and low-interest rates will have run its course, then even massive government spending will become ineffective at creating economic momentum.
The "Trump Economy" Is A Mirage Based On Spending
The "Trump Economy" is greatly ignoring many of the structural issues that haunt America. These far outweigh the benefits of lower taxes. We must also face the fact that deficit spending can only take the economy so far and carry many negatives.
Bonds As An Investment Have A Very Ugly Side
After a nearly four-decade run people forget that bonds have a ugly side that can yield great pain. Today's low yields may be part of a greater conundrum created by too much freshly printed money floating around and people need someplace to stash it.
Mega Global-Companies Dwarf Power Of Many Nations
Many large companies have more power than most nations and their power continues to grow. Today the power is in technology and knowledge. As internet companies collect and store data on all of us it places them in a position to manipulate society.
Japan Has Joined The Call For Regulating Killer Robots
Japan has joined with those calling for regulating killer robots. Falling into this category are killer drones, concern is growing over how drones might become or be used as a weapon of mass destruction that would leave humans utterly defenseless.

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