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I have spent the over 40 years trading stocks, options, futures on and off the trading floor. My nickname, "Slim" came from my trading floor badge, SLM. Currently, I'm an on-air host providing daily analysis and commentary on the financial markets and Coaching/Consulting for Hedge ... more

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AskSlim Market Week - Friday, Feb. 8
This clip includes our cycle analysis of Skechers (SKX), which moved 15% higher, after the footwear company provided guidance that beat Wall Street expectations. Its market cycles point to a near term correction followed by an upside opportunity.
AskSlim Market Week, Feb. 2
A look back at the last trading week and a look forward to next week, plus cycle analysis for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which moved higher by 20% on the week.
AskSlim Market Week- Saturday, Jan. 26
This week's video includes our cycle analysis of Xilinx (XLNX), which skyrocketed after reporting earnings and we discuss other earnings reported this week.
AskSlim Market Week- Jan. 12
A look back at the last trading week and a look forward to next week, plus cycle analysis for Bed Bath & Beyond.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Jan. 5
The stock market began the New Year with huge movements leaving investors jittery as some still call for a bear market and other worry they'll miss huge rallies.
AskSlim Market Week - Friday, Dec. 21
In this special New Year's video we talk about the volatility increase this year and the worst December in some time as well as economic and political trends that affected markets this year.
AskSlim Market Week - Friday, Dec.14
Investors are clearly concerned about slowing world economies which contributed to a weakened market this week with sellers selling any rips.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Dec. 8
Looking back at the past week in the markets and ahead into next week.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, December 1
The stock market posted a nice recovery this week giving investor hope as tariff news dominated the week and potential for a positive G-20 result this weekend also raised investors' spirits.
AskSlim Bitcoin Special
There has been a significant decline in cryptocurrency valuations this year and so we take an in depth look at this phenomenally speculative bubble.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Nov. 24
A rally is coming, but only a bounce. Overall, a decline looms.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Nov. 17
The stock market resumed its decline this week. Investors had plenty to worry about with international issues like China, Italy and Brexit and investors sold off at every rally.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Nov. 10
Investors bought the market strongly on Election Day just like they did in 2016 but by the end of the week the market sold off, especially in energy, which we discuss in detail with a crude analysis.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Nov. 3
October turned out to be the worst month for the market since 2011 despite a late month rally for the bank stocks. It's very unlikely the market has hit the bottom despite last month's correction.
AskSlim Market Week - Friday, Oct. 26
It's been a tough market week with some of the widest trades we have seen in the Nasdaq for some time. The cycle of risk likely continues through November with rallies at year end. This week we also perform a special analysis on Tesla.
AskSlim Market Week - Saturday, Oct. 20
The nature of the stock market has clearly changed, and some stocks have real troubles.
1 to 16 of 192 Posts
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