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Jobless Claims Slowly Continue To Get “Less Worse,” While Longer Term Deadweight Loss Builds
On a non-seasonally adjusted basis, new jobless claims declined by 68,038 to 889,549, a new pandemic low.
FDI In A Risky World
The pandemic has shown that global supply chains are vulnerable to shocks. Output contracted as factories were closed in China and the impact was transmitted to firms further along the chains and the distributors of the final goods.
The End Of Special Fiscal Stimulus
The latest evidence is that indeed the former V recovery is indeed slowing down, with retail sales up only by 1.2% in July. Many are now suggesting we may see an actual GDP decline into a “wiggly W” pattern.
The 2017 Tax Cuts And Irish Jobs Act
America’s production of pharmaceuticals and medicines peaked in 2006, back before the global financial crisis.
Might There Be A V-Shaped Economic Recovery After All?
The rate of decline for March to April was -14.4%. Apparently, retail sales are now only 8% below their peak in February.
S&P PE Now Back Above Fair Value
After the recent market rebound the S&P 500 valuation has risen from below my estimated fair value to just over the top of the fair value band.


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US Library Of Congress Selects Angry Bear To Archive
The United States Library of Congress will be archiving and collecting material from Angry Bear.
Amazon Defeated In New York (Updated)
In the biggest ever defeat for a subsidized project in history, Amazon announce dFebruary 14th that it was canceling its planned half of HQ2 for New York City, which was to receive subsidies worth at least $3.133 billion.
Real Retail Sales Very Positive; Industrial Production Decent
Real retail sales for November, together with the revisions for October, were very positive. As of November both real retail sales and real retail sales per capita set new records.

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