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Modern Monetary Theory II
There seems to be an extremely important disagreement between MMTers. In this article I will attempt to give readers a better understanding of what MMT is and is not.
Two Economic Notes On The Shutdown
The government shutdown is the economic equivalent of sustaining -800,000, or -0.5%, layoffs. The last time we saw that was in the Panic of 2008.
October Personal Income And Spending Strong
In October personal income increased 0.5%, and personal spending increased 0.6%. These are both very strong increases. Further, real inflation adjusted income and spending both also rose.
ISM New Orders Posts Lowest Reading In Nearly 2 Years
While the latest ISM reading of 57.4 is a very positive reading on an absolute scale, nevertheless this was the lowest ISM new orders reading since November 2016, almost two years ago.
Failed Perceptions Of Economic Reality
It is long viewed that what the electoral populace thinks of the state of the economy is an important factor in how they vote and electoral outcomes.
When The Stock Market Headlines The Political Blogs . . .
When you see a daily stock market move leading the political blogs, it’s a sign of a bottom, not a top. That’s because it’s a sign of emotion, and it means that amateurs are paying close attention.


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Amazon Defeated In New York (Updated)
In the biggest ever defeat for a subsidized project in history, Amazon announce dFebruary 14th that it was canceling its planned half of HQ2 for New York City, which was to receive subsidies worth at least $3.133 billion.
Real Retail Sales Very Positive; Industrial Production Decent
Real retail sales for November, together with the revisions for October, were very positive. As of November both real retail sales and real retail sales per capita set new records.

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Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
The authors cut through party bias to present the quantifiable facts about how modern presidents have performed on critical national issues Politicians and the media spend a lot of time telling Americans how the presidents and their administrations are performing, but this analysis always skews along party lines. In Presimetrics, Kimel and Kanell take a fresh look at modern politics by gathering data from numerous government sources in order to compare and rank presidential performance on critical issues, from employment and health care to taxes and family values. The results frequently defy expectations. The lively text clearly explains how various policies of each administration affect the data, and fascinating information graphics lend even greater depth to the discussion, showing at a glance how multiple administrations stack up.