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Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA is the CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research, a company that provides institutional and high net worth investors with ready-to-invest stock portfolios that aim to beat the benchmark through superior stock selection.  

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Corporate Debt Is More Concerning Than Household Debt In The US
US household debt is back just above the levels seen at the start of the new millennium, big deleveraging since the Global Financial Crisis.
Gov’t Debt Has Driven Total Debt Growth In The US
Since 2001, US household debt as a % of GDP has remained at about the same level.
Thailand Was Asia’s Top Performer In 1H19
In 1H19, all Asian markets were up except for Malaysia.
Two Types Of Risk, But Only One Really Matters
The risk that really matters when investing is the risk of not having enough wealth to meet your future goal, so-called shortfall risk–may it be financial independence at the age of 40, a comfortable retirement at 65, or something else.
What Is Asset Allocation?
In my weekly video, I answer readers' questions. This week, I answer "what is Asset Allocation."
Understanding Compound Interest And Why It Is So Important
In my weekly video, I answer readers' questions. This week, I answer "What is compound interest rate and why is it important?"
Hong Kong Has The Lowest Implied Growth Rate In Asia
The implied growth rate is a way to see what growth rate the market expects.
All Asian Markets Fell In 2018
China had the second-best return in 1H18 but had fallen to the second worst by the end of the year.
Start-Up Entrepreneur Runs Out Of Investment ‘Juice’
Three years ago, my partner and I founded a business producing and delivering raw juices for detoxification. Our research said it would be a hit. But we failed, here's what I learned and how you can benefit from my mistakes.
High Cash Conversion Cycle Means Companies Are Vulnerable
Large and Medium companies are seeing peaking net margins.
In Asia, China Is Least Correlated To The US Market
The US market has the lowest correlation with China, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Debt Burden Is Heaviest For The Gov’t In The US — But Not In China
China and US have more or less the same level of debt to GDP.
Philippine Stock: Great Improvement At One Of The Philippines’ Largest Power Producers
First Gen Corporation is one of the Philippines’ largest electricity generators. Most of the electricity is contracted for sale under long-term power-purchase agreements.
Korea Stock: Only Asset Utilization Ranked Above Average At GS Retail
GS Retail Company Limited is a Korea-based company founded in 1971. It engages mainly in franchise chain convenience stores, including GS25 which accounted for 76% of 2017 revenue.
Thai Stock: Poor Profitable Growth At Thai Union Group
Thai Union Group Public Company Limited has top global market share in frozen and canned seafood. Its main processing facilities are in Thailand, but it also has 17 manufacturing plants in the US, its largest overseas market.
Malaysia Stock: Kossan Is A Highly Efficient Rubber Glove Producer
Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad was founded in 1979 with headquarter in Klang, Malaysia. KRI engages in manufacturing and sale of rubber products under four segments: Technical Rubber, Gloves, Cleanroom and Others.
1 to 16 of 124 Posts
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