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Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA is the CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research, a company that provides institutional and high net worth investors with ready-to-invest stock portfolios that aim to beat the benchmark through superior stock selection.  

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Recently Backed By An E-Commerce Giant: YTO Express
A discussion on the latest developments in YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited.
A Net Cash Company With Stable 2020 Growth: Posco ICT
A discussion on the latest developments in Posco ICT Company Limited.
South Korea Stock: Soulbrain Holdings
Soulbrain Holdings Company Limited manufactures and sells chemicals used in the semiconductor industry.
Malaysia Stock: Borneo Oil
Borneo Oil Berhad engages in fast-food operations and franchising, property, oil and gas, and energy-related businesses.
South Korea Stock: Seoyon
Seoyon Company Limited provides consulting services to its subsidiary company, Seoyon E Hwa Company Limited. Seoyon is headquartered in Anyang, Korea.
Malaysia Stock: Bahvest Resources
Bahvest Resources Berhad engages in rearing of marine fishes and mining activities. Its Aquaculture operations engage in the production of Grouper and cross-bred Grouper species.
South Korea Stock: CKD Bio Corporation
CKD Bio Corporation manufactures raw material medicine. Its products include potassium clavulanate, demeclocycline, rifampicin, and acarbose. CKD Bio is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
Chinese Stock: XiDeLang Holdings
XiDeLang Holdings Limited designs, manufactures, and markets sportswear. Its products include shoes, apparel, accessories, and equipment. XiDeLang is headquartered in Jinjiang, China.
South Korea Stock: Bioneer Corporation
Bioneer Corporation manufactures biotechnological products. Its products include gene reagent, molecular diagnosis kit, and supply and equipment for biological research.
Chinese Stock: Haichang Ocean Park Holdings
Haichang Ocean Park Holdings Limited engages in the development, construction, and operation of entertainment theme parks.
South Korea Stock: BioSmart
BioSmart Company Limited manufactures smart cards and related systems. Its products include smart, high tech and metal, eco-friendly, and jewelry cards.
Taiwan Stock: LeaLea Enterprise
LeaLea Enterprise Company Limited manufactures and sells polyester draw texturized yarn (DTY) to provide raw materials to textile manufacturers.
Hong Kong Stock: IGG
IGG Incorporated develops online games in the international market. It offers mobile, browser, and client-based online games. IGG is headquartered in Hong Kong.
Indonesia Stock: Kimia Farma
PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk engages in the production and distribution of healthcare products.
Hong Kong Stock: KuangChi Science
KuangChi Science Limited is an innovation company engaged in novel space services and other innovative technology businesses.
Chinese Stock: China Shengmu Organic Milk
China Shengmu Organic Milk Limited produces raw milk and dairy products. It operates through the Dairy Farming and Liquid milk products segments.
1 to 16 of 264 Posts
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