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Entrepreneur and Investor With Over 30 Years of Experience at Building Wealth for Myself & Others
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I made my chops as an entrepreneur and investor with over 30 years of experience at building wealth for myself and others.

I graduated from the London School of Economics a year after the bicentennial. By the way, this is the same school that produced 34 heads of state including John ... more


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The Biggest Startup Mistake And The Fed’s Debt Addiction
Today we share the biggest mistakes we've seen founders make, and our take on the Fed's decision to stop raising interest rates.
Finding Evidence Of Crypto Progress
Amid the disappointment of falling prices, the important work of bringing this technology to the masses is advancing.
Banks Are In The Depression Stage Of Grief
We’ve finally said goodbye to 2018. Now is a great time for the crypto industry to get reacquainted with one of its core missions.
Crypto Needs To Show, Not Tell
Can crypto technology attain Visa-like speeds? Can it provide impregnable security? Can it serve hundreds of millions of users?
When Will The SEC Say Yes To A Bitcoin ETF?
VanEck’s proposed bitcoin ETF bases its prices on the OTC market – which VanEck measures through its bitcoin OTC index.
The Wisdom And Pain Of The Long-Term Investor
Bitcoin prices are tanking. But I’m not about to change my stance on cryptocurrencies or, for that matter, last year’s speculative bubble.
Open-Source Vs. Private Blockchains, SEC Delays
Is it possible that blockchain becomes fully embraced, while crypto gets left behind? What's in store for Bitcoin? Will the SEC approve a Bitcoin ETF? Your questions are answered here.
Fidelity Builds A Safe Highway For Institutional Investors
Fidelity wants to make it easier for investors of all types to invest in a wide range of assets issued on a blockchain.
Crypto Has Two Markets, And You Need To Pay Attention To Both
It’s really a tale of two markets right now. In the public exchanges, supply is running ahead of demand. Many of the companies that raised hundreds of millions of dollars last year are now selling their coins to fund operations.
Hype Cycle Puts Blockchain In Perspective
In the past two years, blockchain technology has made huge strides. There are more blockchain use cases being tested than ever before.
Why Doesn’t The SEC Like Bitcoin ETFs?
Early Investing co-founders Adam Sharp and Andrew Gordon answer crytpto questions including why the SEC has a problem with bitcoin ETFs.
Some Of Bitcoin’s Biggest Trades Happen Out Of Sight
More than $1 billion worth of bitcoin changes hands every day on the major cryptocurrency exchanges.
Bitcoin’s “New Normal”
In the U.S., I believe we’re going to see many firms within a relatively short period be approved for an ETF.
Managing Your Portfolio; Where To Buy Bitcoin
Each week, we answer questions we think will help you learn about investing. Today we help a dad on a fixed income plan for the future and discuss if cryptocurrencies is a suitable investment.
Smart Investors Don’t Follow The Crowd
New buy calls are bullish and can signal a turnaround, especially when the number of buys doubles or triples.
How Order In Crypto Land Can Pave The Way To A New Bull Market
Cryptocurrencies take an interesting approach to rules. Rules are embedded in the software that gives these coins life.
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