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Even Great Investments Experience Massive Drawdowns
All strategies involving risk assets assume risk of failure, regardless of your investment horizon—there is no guarantee that you will ultimately be rewarded.
Combining Momentum With Long-Term Reversal
Two of most documented anomalies in the asset pricing literature are the momentum effect and the long-term reversal effect.
Diversifying Your Value Portfolio? Quality Works, But Have You Heard Of Momentum?
What if your portfolio was only based on one idea? Something like “stocks always go up” or “value always beats growth.” You may be learning a humbling lesson right now that Mr. Market has taught us over and over again.
Trading Costs Wipe Out The Overnight Return Anomaly
While overnight performance versus intraday still holds gross and net of transaction costs, the statistical robustness of any outperformance is low. This indicates that the anomaly is more of a random walk than it is a repeatable trading strategy.
A Viral Market Melt-Up, Optimism Or Fundamentals?
There is no question that the stock market has been acting a bit like a three-year-old consisting of temper tantrums and sugar highs. In a world with such volatility, it might be a good idea to sit down, take a measure of the data being presented.
How I Explain Crappy Returns
Diversification. It looks great on paper, but for the past ten years, being globally and “Factor” diversified has been anything but great.


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