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Compression: Can The Value Spread Expand Forever?
We believe owning deep-value stocks is potentially interesting at the valuation peaks, however, the spread can get more extreme.
Inside The Minds Of Expected Stock Returns
While behavioral explanations can, in theory, be arbitraged away, there are significant limits to arbitrage that prevent sophisticated investors from correcting overpricing.
Measuring Geopolitical Risk
There are a number of contributions this article makes to any one of market participants (investors, portfolio managers, regulators, risk managers, traders).
The “Resurrected” Size Effect And Monetary Policy
After the 1992 publication of Eugene Fama and Kenneth French’s paper “The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns,” the size effect was incorporated into what became finance’s new workhorse asset-pricing model, the Fama-French three-factor model.
Gender Pay Gap Transparency
In this article, we examine what the research says about gender pay gap transparency. We look at the research questions and academic insights with an eye toward why it matters.
Should Levered And Inverse ETPs Even Exist?
Exploring Levered and Inverse ETPs (exchange-traded products), their purpose, the circumstances in which they tend to succeed and fail, and the research questions associated with them.


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