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E Forex Markets Explained
As currencies are traded against each other in established currency parings, there is movement in price, either upwards or downwards of one currency against the other.
E What Binary Option Trading Is
A binary option is a position that one can take which will yield one of two predetermined outcomes. The investor decides whether the outcome will close at a positive result or a negative result.
E What Is CFD Trading?
CFD trading, otherwise known as contract for difference trading is the process of taking a position the value of a contract that mirrors the value of a stock or commodity.
E Binary Betting To Mitigate Risk
Many investors, such as those who partake in the risky derivative financial spread betting are often looking for ways to reduce their risk. Many traders will opt to mitigate this risk by utilising binary betting.
E Spread Betting Fees Explained
Spread betting is slowly becoming an increasingly popular form of trading. However, given that it is an extremely leveraged product and depends on margins provided by the brokers, there is often a hidden cost involved with holding a position.
E Market Makers - How They Work
In financial trading of any type, be it spread betting, contracts for difference, share dealing, forex, or any other investment style you can think of, markets tend to be at the heart of what it’s all about.


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Forex, CFDs, ETFs: What To Trade?
5 years ago

"Therefore it does not really matter much in itself whether you are buying spot or CFD or Futures." - I thought you'd use CFDs to buy spots or futures rather than choose between CFDs and spots?

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Spread Betting Companies. Which Is The Best One?
You should also assess how user friendly their trading platform is, the size of stakes required in order to trade, and the size of the spread that the company will offer.
Introduction To CFD Trading – CFD Trading Explained
The simplest definition of a CFD, or a contract for difference, is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of a contract for a financial instrument.
4 Tips To Choosing The Right Forex And CFD Broker
Forex and CFD trading, like all trading and investing, can be risky. While this risk adds a certain level of excitement, the key is to educate yourself and develop a relationship with a good broker.

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