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Trading Support And Resistance - Sunday, May 30
3 years ago

Way too many support and resistance levels. Surely 1 of them will be true. It's a numbers game, if I predict 100 support levels and 100 resistance levels, surely out of 200 predictions at least 1 will be right.

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Forex And Cryptocurrency Forecast For May 31 - June 4
3 years ago

"And just like the euro, the British currency paired with the dollar has been in a sideways trend for two weeks, fluctuating within the range of 1.4075-1.4220. However, unlike the European currency, the activity of the bulls on the pound was significantly higher."

gbp/usd will continue its sideways trend till we see some substantial changes in British exports to the EU.

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Crypto Currents: PayPal To Allow Customers To Withdraw Cryptocurrency
3 years ago

Really didn't expect PayPal to allow people to withdraw cryptos

Has The Stock Market Begun To Turn Around?
3 years ago

Have a feeling that stocks will get even more unpredictable as we start exiting this crisis?

Gold Forecast Bright On Weak USD; Silver Eyes Multi-Year High
3 years ago

Please correct me if I'm wrong but a weak dollar would naturally push gold up?

Hiking Corporate Taxes Won’t Improve Economic Outcomes
3 years ago

Hiking taxes will only prolong the suffering.

At this difficult time, businesses need some breathing space and tax hikes will only choke them.

Bulls, Bears, Owls And Pigs
3 years ago

"The Bulls make money, the Bears make money - but the Pigs get slaughtered." - one of my favourite quotes.

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