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E Oil Market: There Will Be Blood
I believe that both the price of crude WTI & Brent, as well as natural gas, will continue to trend lower and that the temporary shutdown of rigs and investment in oil projects will not lead to a supply shortage like the IEA has in its forecast.
E "It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times”
Moody’s has a wide economic Moat. The company boasts great margins. A brighter future lies ahead.
Who Will Be The Next 'Exit'?
In Europe, eurosceptic, right-wing, populist groups are surging in popularity. Another country will leave the EU within two years. With European markets jittery, India should be looked at favorably to allocate capital.
The Brexit Has Happened, Now Here’s How To Play It
This article is about Brexit, and how to make money in the aftermath.
E Noble Energy Just Struck Gaseous Gold
Noble Energy will benefit immensely from both the Leviathan and Tamar Gas Field.
Elbit Systems, It's Time To Go Long
A sudden change in the political landscape is bullish for the Israeli Defense Sector. That, combined with the expanding drone industry, will benefit Elbit Systems (ESLT).
Great Separately; Even Better Together
The IT Services Industry is consolidating and SAIC and CACI are some of the dominant players in the industry. A merger of the two would lead to cost synergies, and the ability to bid for larger contracts.
E Why I'm Buying A&D Stocks: A Geopolitical Analysis Of The World
War is here to stay. In an increasingly global world, US military involvement will only expand while the global market for US military products will increase as foreign countries seek to expand their own military influence.
E Apple Must Diversify Its Revenue
It was recently Apple's 40th birthday, but no celebrations were to be had. Apple released its earnings report plunging the stock down over 8%, or 40B in market cap. I believe a large change in the company's revenue strategy may be in order.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts