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Adam is the President and Co-Founder of Peak Prosperity. He wears many hats, but his basic job is to handle the business side of things so that his fellow co-founder, Chris Martenson, is free to think and write.

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Economics For Independent Thinkers
Economists are supposed to monitor and analyze the economy, warn us if risks are getting out of hand, and advise us on how to make things run more effectively -- right?
The Vicious Cycle Approaches
You can be thrilled about the fact your 401K has appreciated -- but it's sitting on a pocket of air because nothing is improved underneath the surface.
Shaun Chamberlin: Surviving The Aftermath Of The Market Economy
Localized communities that pursue developing as much independence from the central economy as possible will be the foundations for creating a sustainable, enjoyable future.
Marco Vangelisti: Investing Outside Of Wall Street
What is the best to put your money to work locally and sustainably?
Losses Hurt More Than Gains Help
Given the outsized risks, as well as our natural programming to feel losses more severely, pursuing incremental gains at this point is downright dangerous if one doesn't already have a contingency plan in place for a market downturn.
Mike Maloney: This Is The Peak
Precious metals dealer and monetary historian Mike Maloney is quite confident the liquidity-driven 'recovery' created by the world's central banks is now over.
Grant Williams: The Rising Danger Of A Bidless Market
Grant Williams, veteran portfolio and strategy advisor, returns to the podcast this week to discuss his great concern about the liquidity risk underlying financial markets long-addicted to central bank rescue stimulus.
Fortunes Will Be Made & Lost When Capital Flees To Safety
The world's major asset markets are dangerously overvalued and when these asset bubbles start to burst, the 'save haven' markets will shrink. Investors who don't move their capital before crisis will be forced to pay much higher prices for safety.
Ed Butowsky: Calculating The True Cost Of Living
Over the past decade, we've been told that inflation has been tame -- actually below the target the Federal Reserve would like to see. The ugly reality is the true annual cost of living is far outpacing the government's reported inflation rate.
Steen Jakobsen: The End Of The Debt Cycle
As we've been watching closely, something is wrong with the big banks. Their shares have lost 25-33% of their market value since the beginning of the year. What's going on?
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