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Adam Sarhan is the host of The #SmartMoneyCircle Podcast where he interviews large money managers for timeless investing lessons and advice. Adam is a +20 year market veteran, a Forbes Contributor, and is regularly quoted on the financial media. 

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Week In Review: Stocks Fell Again Last Week
Stocks fell last week after the number of COVID-19 cases topped 1 million, even as much of the developed world is effectively shut down.
Week In Review: Big Outside Weekly Reversal On Wall Street
Last week’s lows are the next area of support to watch. On a weekly basis, the market opened lower, took out the prior week’s low, then reversed and took out the prior week’s high – which is also known as a weekly outside reversal to the upside.
Week In Review: Another Brutal Week For Stocks
The market closed near the lows for the week as the market continues to plunge.
Week In Review: Market Just Hit A Bottom
The short-term trend is down as the major indices imploded in late February after fear spread that the coronavirus will cripple the global economy and spark a worldwide recession.
Week In Review: Volatility Surges On Wall Street
The market has had a huge run over the next 11 years and is now “correcting” as it is down 12-15% from its 52-week high. Corrections are normal in a bull market.
Week In Review: Bulls Get Sick
The major indices fell over 10% from their recent highs which means they entered “correction” territory. In fact, it was the worst weekly decline since 2008.
Week In Review: Markets Pullback As Coronavirus Spreads
In the short-term, the market is pulling back from very extended, and, in some cases, frothy conditions.
Week In Review: Bulls Are In Control
The market rallied sharply helping the major indices hit fresh record highs as the bulls continue to shrug off any negative headline.
Week In Review: Stocks Bounce Back With A Vengeance
On cue, the bulls showed up and defended the 50 DMA line last week and sent the market bouncing back with a vengeance. China’s central bank pumped fired another round from its easy money bazooka and that was enough to send markets roaring back.
Week In Review: Stocks Erase Gains For Month & Year
Almost on cue, the market continued to pullback as fear is beginning to spread regarding how the coronavirus will impact the global economy.
The Hunt For Income With Joe Bozoyan, A $5.5 Billion Money Manager
Here are some timeless financial lessons and a way on how to find income.
Week In Review: Market Refuses To Pullback
The market finally paused to digest the recent and very strong move it has enjoyed over the past year. Remember, it is perfectly normal (and healthy) to see the market pullback after a big move.
Week In Review: Stocks Soar To Fresh Record Highs
The market continued to rip higher as earnings season officially began. Most of the big banks reported strong earnings and cited strong profits from “trading” as a main contributor to the results.
Week In Review: Bulls Keep Running In 2020
The market continued to rip higher and refused to fall even as geopolitical tensions flared up in the Middle East.
Week In Review: Strong Start To 2020
The market opened 2020 on a strong note after China announced more easy money to stimulate its economy (and it’s market). In the short-term, the U.S. indices are very extended to the upside and way overdue to pullback.
Week In Review: Another Bullish Week On Wall Street
The market continued to grind higher last week helping the tech-heavy Nasdaq composite trade above 9,000 for the first time ever.
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