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A lifelong student of the markets, speculator, and investor, decades of experience have forged Adam into a hardcore contrarian. He believes in buying low when others are afraid, then later selling high when others are brave. He founded the financial-market research company Zeal LLC, and ... more

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Gold Surges Near Breakout
Gold surged sharply over this past week or so, nearing a major bull-market breakout. Nearly everyone was surprised by this violent awakening, which erupted suddenly as gold languished around year-to-date lows.
Silver Miners’ Q1’19 Fundamentals
The silver miners’ stocks have been pummeled in recent months, plunging near major secular lows in late May. Sentiment in this tiny sector is miserable, reflecting silver prices continuing to languish relative to gold.
Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q1’19 Fundamentals
The mid-tier gold miners’ stocks in the sweet spot for price-appreciation potential have been struggling in recent months, grinding lower with gold. But gold-mining stocks are more important than ever for prudently diversifying portfolios. The
Gold Miners’ Q1’19 Fundamentals
The major gold miners’ stocks are drifting sideways with gold, their early-year momentum sapped by the recent stock-market euphoria.
Big US Stocks’ Q1’19 Fundamentals
The big US stocks’ Q1’19 results were pretty mixed despite the surging stock markets. Revenues and operating cash flows only grew slightly, which were sharp slowdowns from big surges in previous quarters.
Dangerous Stock Markets
These record US stock-market levels are very dangerous, riddled with extreme levels of euphoria and complacency.
Near-Record Gold Shorting
Running extreme leverage up to 37.5x, gold-futures speculators can’t afford to be wrong for long.
Stock Euphoria Stunts Gold
The great euphoria emanating from these near-record-high stock markets is breathtaking. Traders are again convinced stocks do nothing but rally indefinitely.
Gold-Bull Breakout Potential
Gold has faded from interest in the past couple months, overshadowed by the monster stock-market rally.
Gold Stocks Still Marching
The gold miners’ stocks are still marching, grinding higher on balance in a solid upleg. While interest in this sector has faded since late February, it is nicely set up for a strong rally.
Silver Miners’ Q4’18 Fundamentals
Times are tough for silver miners since silver’s prices have languished near extreme lows relative to gold. The major silver miners’ recently-released Q4’18 results illuminate their struggles.
Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q4’18 Fundamentals
The mid-tier gold miners’ stocks have been rallying on balance in recent months, carving a solid young upleg.
Gold Miners’ Q4’18 Fundamentals
The major gold miners are grinding higher in a solid upleg, fueling growing interest in this small contrarian sector.
Big US Stocks’ Q4’18 Fundamentals
Big US stocks’ Q4’18 results looked impressive on the surface. Good annual growth in sales, operating cash flows, and even earnings. But these growth rates all suffered sharp decelerations from those seen in preceding quarters.
Gold Stocks’ Spring Rally 4
Gold miners’ stocks have been climbing higher on balance, enjoying a solid upleg that is gathering steam. That’s fueling improving sentiment, driving more interest in this small contrarian sector.
Gold Stocks Surge Higher
The gold miners’ stocks surged strongly this week, blasting to new upleg highs. The mounting gains are naturally driving more interest in this small contrarian sector, shifting sentiment towards bullish.
1 to 16 of 173 Posts
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