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Mr. Moore’s commodity career unwittingly began when he was 5 years old, spending his summers working for his family farm near Quincy, IL.

Bill attended Cornell University, graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering and then studied at the University of Chicago for his MBA. ... more


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AgMaster Report - Thursday, Jan. 21
Even more impressive than March Corn’s stunning $2.00 rally since Mid-Aug was its ability to do so without any help from domestic ethanol demand – which has been all but shut off due to COVID.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, Jan. 5
In an impressive display of stand-alone strength, February Hogs shrugged off the $3.00 drop in February Cattle to gain over $1.00 – matching 9-month highs.
AgMaster Report - Tuesday, Dec. 29
March Wheat has lost 30 cents in the past trading days as it corrected an overbought condition – after spillover strength from the bean/corn rally and the Argentine dock strike had rallied the market to its October highs.
AgMaster Report - Wednesday, Dec. 23
Whereas beans are clearly the upside leader, March Corn has been no slouch.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, Dec. 2
With a confluence of month-end machinations, January Beans repeated inability to breach the $12.00 mark
Ag Master Report -Tuesday, Nov.24
December wheat doesn’t have the supply/demand fundamentals on its own to rally – but with the help a weak US Dollar & Corn/Bean strength, it can muster some upside!
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, Sept. 23
Nov Beans were long overdue for a significant correction after a nearly vertical $1.80 ascent (8.65 – 10.45) since the August WADSE Report.
Ag Master Report - Thursday, Sept. 10
Because of the timing of the flash drought – occurring in August during soybeans critical pod-setting period, November Beans have been the upside leader with their $1.10 rally with December Corn being a follower with a $.45 cent.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, Aug. 12
Corn doesn’t have many friends out there – certainly not the China Demand that beans enjoy – and domestically ethanol consumption has waned as the economic recovery has stalled out due to the COVID resurgence.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, July 29
A plethora of negative fundamentals jumped on the September wheat contract in the past two days forcing a 25 cent sell-off.
Ag Master Report - Monday, July 13
Impressively in the last two trading days, Sept Wheat has not followed Sept Corn & Beans lower – holding steady while Corn & Beans have lost 20-25 cents off bearish weather.
Ag Master Report - Wednesday, July 1
July Wheat along with July Beans rode the Corn Acreage Shocker delivered by the USDA Tuesday – registering double-digit gains.
Ag Master Report - Tuesday, June 23
The July Corn contract managed to close 2 cents higher last week despite very favorable weather with gd/ex crop ratings in the mid-’70s. However, today the market is succumbing to benign growing conditions.
Ag Master Report - Tuesday, June 16
July Beans have consolidated 50 cents off their April lows as the excellent crop condition of the recently planted crop has been offset by solid China demand.
AgMaster Report Week Ending 06/05/2020
Amidst all the saber-rattling in the past 2 months, the Phase One Deal remains intact. China is buying beans and July soybeans are currently at a 3 week high even with planting pressure from a nicely developing crop.
AgMaster Report 10/11/16
Much like Nov Beans, Dec Corn has been range bound since early August – confined to a tight range (315-340). But unlike Nov Beans, Dec corn was able to momentarily break out of that range early last week.
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