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The Forces Of Darkness And Evil Must Be Crushed Or Eradicated Completely

Date: Saturday, July 11, 2020 6:10 PM EST


  By Timothy D. Naegele[1]

George Orwell warned in his prescient and timeless “Animal Farm” that all of the animals were equal until the “Pigs” reigned supreme and subjugated the other animals.[2]

Our magnificent nation is seemingly under attack from every quarter today, as the "Pigs" seek to gain supremacy.  It is being tested like never before, except perhaps at its founding and during our last Civil War.  Abraham Lincoln and his Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman understood this, and they crushed the South and preserved the Union, and ended slavery.[3]  At the very least, today's "Pigs" must be crushed.

With respect to the former slaves, Grant wrote in his memoirs—which are considered the finest ever written by a former President: “[H]e was brought to our shores by compulsion, and he now should be considered as having as good a right to remain here as any other class of our citizens.”[4]  Grant attempted to bring about healing, instead of continued strife, discrimination and the like.

Today, the forces of darkness and evil seek to destroy the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, the police, our monuments and heritage.  Put succinctly, they seek to destroy America.

Their adherents include the un-American racist, anti-Semite and traitor Barack Obama[5]; former NFL player and race hustler Colin Kaepernick—who refused to stand for our national anthem, and has called our July 4th Independence Day a “celebration of white supremacy”[6]; the criminal "Black Lives Matter" and Antifa that must be banned as terrorist groups, and the thugs, slugs, hoods and mongrels who populate their ranks and must be incarcerated[7]; China, which unleashed the deadly Coronavirus on the world, as a bioweapon or inadvertently[8]; and of course Russia's brutal dictator-for-life Vladimir Putin[9].

America will survive.  As I wrote more than a decade ago:

I believe in this country, and I believe in Americans of all colors, faiths and backgrounds.  The United States is the only true melting pot in the world, with its populace representing a United Nations of the world’s peoples.  Yes, we fight and we even discriminate, but when times are tough—like after 9/11—we come together as one nation, which makes this country so great and special.  Also, all of us or our ancestors came here from somewhere else.  Even the American Indians are descended from those who crossed the Bering Strait—or the “Bering land bridge”—according to anthropologists.[10][11]

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