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These Three CEFs Are Worth Another Look
Currently, more than 50 closed-end funds trade at a discount of 10% or greater. Often a fund trades at a discount because it is a poor performer.
An Easy Way For Conservative Investors To Get Into Preferreds
Exchange-traded funds are passive investment products designed to track a specific index. Passive investment products provide low-cost investment exposure to specified indexes.
Coronavirus Fears Select High-Yield Stocks Are On Sale Now
The Coronavirus outbreak is a real threat to human life and business results. However, when unexpected tragedies like this outbreak occur, the stock market almost always overreacts to the perceived risks to company results.
EC The Short Guide To Dividend Investing With Coronavirus Spreading
China-centered Coronavirous outbreak has caused volatility and havoc in the financial and commodity markets. For stock market investors, the uncertainty about how the Coronavirus story will play out makes putting money into stocks a dicey bet.
These REITs Show It’s Better To Be The Landlord Than The Renter
When it comes to the choice between being a tenant or a landlord, I like being on the landlord side, collecting a rent check every month. At the end of the day (quarter and year), that is what being an investor in REITs means.
Dividend Increases Up To 25% Could Be In The Cards For These Energy Stocks
Before the energy commodity and stock sector crash in 2015, energy midstream stocks paid steadily growing dividends that income investors loved. The steady stream of dividend increases propelled share higher.


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Energy 'Experts' Are Wrong Again! Take This Opportunity To Lock In 20% MLP Yields
5 years ago

Susan good question. My first thought is that crude is a global commodity, so overall pricing is not that dependent on U.S. production. We will see how it goes from here. The upstream MLPs have moved up nicely since I wrote this article.

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