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MBA Finance Graduate
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MBA Finance graduate from New York Institute of Technology. 

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. 

Predicting future is the key to make your situation better. 

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USOIL - WTI Crude Oil Technical Analysis
1 month ago

and today the take profit is reached. But the stop loss was hit long ago. LOL

Forex Analysis Of EUR/NZD
1 month ago

The price was retested 4 times and failed for breakout. so i predict that the price goes down. FYI, already 75 pips are down

Forex Analysis Of USD/JPY For Wednesday, August 15
1 month ago

I am back.

In this article: JYNFF
EURUSD Forex Analysis For Monday, July 2
2 years ago

Right now, it breaks the support of my analysis. U can go with bearish trend. We have a strong support on 1.1565.

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