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E Tread Cautiously When “Buying The Dips”
Certain market participants have become overly optimistic on the prospects of the stock market going forward, leading to significantly stretched valuations. The sudden herd influx of retail investors has turned the stock market into a live casino.
E Why The Current Equity Rally Is Unsustainable
Market participants have become too optimistic in terms of the economic recovery and corporate earnings prospects ahead. As a result, equity valuations have become too elevated again, making another leg lower inevitable.
E Investors Are Underestimating The Aftermath Of The Coronavirus Shock
The bulls are getting too optimistic regarding the path of economic recovery once lockdowns are lifted. With the S&P 500 once again at lofty valuations witnessed prior to the sell-off, investors have become awfully complacent.
E Should You Buy Into Equities Yet?
Several investors are claiming this is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to buy into the stock market. While that may be true for specific individual stocks, the broader market is still extremely expensive even following the sell-off.
E Here’s When The Coronavirus Sell-Off Will End
The number one question on people's minds right now is 'when will this pandemic end?'. The same analysis technique that helped predict the occurrence and timing of this black swan event, should help guide when it will be over.
Cell Tower REITs: An Alternative Way To Profit From 5G Secular Trends
While tech stock are the most popular investment option to gain exposure to 5G, the cell tower REITs also offer attractive returns which investors should consider adding to their portfolios.


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Why The Current Equity Rally Is Unsustainable
6 months ago

Ultimately it depends on how effectively governments are able to respond. But I believe the recovery will take at least until 2022.

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Don’t Get Too Bullish On Equities Going Into The Next Decade
Market participants are pricing in too much optimism going into the new decade, while macro conditions imply a less favorable outlook ahead.

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