Fiduciary Wealth Advisor For Women Dealing With Divorce
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I'm a financial advisor focused on serving the needs of women dealing with divorce, widowhood or other major life transitions. 
I love my work as a lifestyle financial planner and can't imagine doing anything else. However, I am also proud to serve as a trustee for the ... more


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3 Biggest Retirement Threats For Women
Retirement presents a major conundrum for women. American women earn and save less money than their male counterparts, yet live longer. Here's how to plan ahead.
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Have you ever wondered whether or not Social Security will be around when you retire? You’re not alone.
Don’t Get Burned By FIRE
Early retirement and financial independence is possible at any income level and spending level. Don't feel like you have to save everything or you will fail.
Let Me Apologize In Advance
In investing, being well-diversified means always having to say I’m sorry. That’s because, in a diversified portfolio of investments, some of your investment will almost always be down in value. At least relative to your other investments.


IEF iShares Lehman 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Fund
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Work Experience

Financial Advisor and Founder
Wealthcare Capital Management
November 2009 - Present (10 years 3 months)

Somewhere along the way, the world of Investments and Financial Planning has lost sight of what’s really important. Wealthcare, in an effort to continue to refine the process and provide more and more accurate advice, is committed to helping you make the most of your one precious life. 

Georgia Eye Bank
2005 - Present (15 years 2 months)

Georgia Eye Bank (GEB) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1961. GEB, the exclusive provider of eye banking services in the state of Georgia, operates under strict ethical and professional standards. Our services include providing corneas for transplant and other refractive surgeries, sclera for glaucoma and oculoplastic surgeries, and human eye tissue for sight saving research and training.

Wealth Management
Thornton Wealth Management
March 2006 - November 2009 (3 years 9 months)

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, TWM serves a select group of individuals, trusts, foundations, endowments, and corporate retirement plans located across the country. TWM takes a comprehensive approach to wealth management and helps people make smart behavioral decisions about their money—providing them with greater simplicity, independence, peace of mind, and security for the long term. Russ is passionate about helping clients realize their most important goals and objectives.


Furman University
BA, Business
1989 / 1993
Studied business and computer science as part of a combined, interdisciplinary major. Also volunteered with the Collegiate Educational Service Corps, now known as Heller Service Corps, with multiple non-profits in the Greenville, SC, area. Was a part of Furman's Sigma Nu fraternity, and I worked part-time at a surveying firm and taught tennis lessons.


The Wealthcare For Women Guide To Financial Advice
Russ Thornton

In this free eBook you will learn:

- Why Traditional Financial Advice Is Broken
- Advantages Of Wealthcare For Women
- How To Take Control Of Your Finances
- Simple Solutions To Increase Comfort & Confidence

The Wealthcare For Women Financial Guidebook (on Amazon)
Russ Thornton
Russ Thornton

Many women simply don't get around to long-term financial planning. These are smart ladies who manage their household budget efficiently, spend responsibly, and contribute regularly to their savings. But ask them where they want to be in 10, 15 or 25 years, and whether their current savings and investments are on track to achieve those goals, and they draw a blank. Why is it, when we have a huge financial services industry centered around helping people answer these very questions, that planning for our financial future is so problematic?

The Levers To Financial Freedom
Russ Thornton

Virtually the entire financial services industry is built upon spending vast amounts of time, money and other resources on things over which we have absolutely no control – like attempting to manage investment returns. 

By focusing on those things you can control, however, you as a financial planner can build better, more resilient plans for your clients. Pushing or pulling on the key levers in those plans lets you adapt to changes in the market or in your clients’ circumstances – keeping you in control and ready to adapt to unforeseeable events.