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Another Turd in the Punch Bowl

Date: Monday, November 11, 2019 1:35 AM EST

People who throw tennis rackets are a lot like wife beaters and liars. No one does it just once. So if ever you are on a court and one of the players throws their racket, just gather up your things and leave because as sure as god makes little green apples it will happen again and again until it gets boring. Liars and wife beaters do the same.

My job requires that I read a lot. I don’t know how many articles I read a day but it’s a lot. I have to keep track of the idiots just in case they ever get anything right so I read a higher percentage of stuff written by the fools than I do reading things written by those I admire. I rarely feel a need to respond to pieces written by the clueless because frankly there are so many of them.

Most financial writers are like TV preachers and politicians, they profit by feeding people’s fantasies. Politicians soon learn that the chances of an honest politician ever being elected to any office are near zero. Few financial writers actually know enough about what they are writing about to ever say something that their readers could profit from so they feed their following the same regurgitated bullshit that all the other frauds are spewing out.

But last week I came across an article that registered a Category 5 on the “gag me with a spoon index.” It had so many lies and so much just plain utter stupidity in it that I felt it was worth responding to. I was just astonished on two counts. One that some damn fool wrote it in the first place and second that other so called “gold” sites chose to repost something that on its face was so absurd.

The Turd wrote it. I didn’t make up the name. Neither Johnny Cash nor the Turd’s mother came up with the moniker. The Turd named himself, the Turd, and even goes so far as to call the two or three people following his nonsense, Turdites.

Eric Sprott was sufficiently impressed with the Turd that he does interviews with him and allows him to advertise his ignorance under the Sprott Money website. I like Eric but frankly that seems pretty incredible to me.

Now you need to understand before I start attacking his opinions and his total lack of logic, the Turd is a stone cold liar. If you paid attention to the first paragraph of this piece, when you identify someone as a liar, they don’t lie once, they lie again and again just like people throwing their tennis racket.

Along with similar maturity sub-teens, the Turd went on Twitter to claim, “Wait. What? Futures market manipulation and spoofing? I thought Weiner/Christian/Armstrong/Moriarty/Norcini/Casey/Gilbert all assured us the markets were sacrosanct, free and fair.”

I am the only person I know on the web writing about financial matters that keeps every single article I have ever written or interview I have done linked on my site. Anyone is free to peruse through hundreds or thousands of pieces and three different books I’ve written. It’s all there, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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