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Reid Holloway’s client roster has included Young & Rubicam, Inc., Philip Morris, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and The Trump Organization. Mr. Holloway began his career as an editor with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publications in 1976. In 1978 he joined Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., ...more



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The Great Currency Crisis Of Our Lifetimes Is Starting Now
1 year ago

short, sweet, to the point.  i interpret debt as equivalent to shorting as something that lays the groundwork for a sharp spike followed by a bust.  over what time frame?  who knows.  but this would parallel u.s. debt and equity markets which are also dollars.

Crosscurrents, Shocks, Surprises, Murkiness, Confusion And So On
2 years ago

harry, financial stand-up is a tough racket.  shakespeare could take the dead cats and rotten food they threw at him at stratford-on-avon, and my skin is pretty thick.  just don't do a will smith on me.  and thanks for reading.  --reid.

Energy Problems Fuel Increased Violence
4 years ago

gail, this is a terrific piece. do you have any thoughts regarding the immense plunge in crude prices and how that fits in to your thesis? why did we find ourselves in the unprecedented situation of NEGATIVE contract prices then, a short time later, all the way up to $40 for brent? can it not be said this is what the stock market has also done (swing wise, as opposed to the negative price factor)? i see immense volatility (but perhaps not in the normal measurements of implied and realized). but what i'm mainly wondering is how you see low crude prices in their impact on the less fortunate. shouldn't that be a positive? especially as we navigate these extraordinary race and disease challenges?

A Brief History Of Facebook's Acquisitions On Its Journey To Perfection
7 years ago

a LOT of friends in the VC space.

In this article: META
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