The Fed Detests Free Markets – Part 2
The Fed today is in the business of propping up zombies. And when I say the Fed, that also means the ECB and BOJ, western central banks. I won’t get into the PBOC here, but they’re not far behind.
The Fed Detests Free Markets
You see, free markets are a great idea in theory. Or you can call it “capitalism”, or combine the two and say “free market capitalism”. There’s very little wrong with it in theory.
EC Globalization Just Peaked
Globalization is a process, it’s something that moves, it can’t stand still.
Will China Retreat Into Itself?
Devaluing your currency may afford you some temporary respite, but it can’t possibly solve your troubles. It can make them much worse though.
The News About Fake News Is Fake
In the last few days I was looking around for stories that could illustrate what fake news actually is, and I had a nice collection, but then last night Robert Mueller of all people clarified what exactly fake news is better than I could have.
The Fed Is The Ugly Truth
This Fed thing just keeps going on, and it needs to stop.


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When I read Elizabeth Warren’s piece in the Guardian today, which made me wonder if she’s for real, if she is really as ignorant as she appears to be when it comes to foreign policy, to Russia, to Trump and to NATO.
The Price We Pay For Progress
It’s rare that I reach back into the past. The reason I do it today is not only the relevance of the article -in my view-, or the fact it was published so long ago, but it’s that the ‘world’ has changed so much since January 1 2014,
Debt Rattle February 17, 2018
Weak dollars make weak economies. Or is it the other way around?
Debt Rattle
President Donald Trump plans to use Tuesday’s State of the Union address to build momentum for sweeping legislation on infrastructure and immigration that could buoy the White House and fellow Republicans ahead of crucial midterm elections.
Unrest Is The Only Growth Industry Left
There’s the recovery as it’s been sold to you. It’s all been borrowed, to the last penny.

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