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Seeing Beyond The Black Swan Event – Part 2
And just like that the markets are back to their all-time highs and the COVID-19 market sell-off has been erased.
Options-Based S&P Outperformance Despite Epic Bull Run
A total of 80 option trades were placed in May, June, July and thus far in August as the markets rebounded after the COVID-19 lows.
Custom Put Spreads – Optimizing Risk Mitigation
Options are a leveraged vehicle thus minimal amounts of capital can be deployed to generate outsized gains with predictable outcomes. A custom put credit spread strategy is an ideal way to balance risk and reward in options trading.
The Financial Cohort And COVID-19 Dynamics
COVID-19 ushered in the real possibility of widespread loan defaults, liquidity issues, ballooning credit card debt (as banks hold the liability) and stressed mortgages.
Facebook Boycott: Here We Go Again
Facebook investors have been through a lot over the past two years. Now another challenge is confronting the company via an advertising boycott that’s growing into the hundreds of multinational companies.
EC The Financial Cohort And COVID-19 Destabilizing
COVID-19 ushered in the real possibility of widespread loan defaults, liquidity issues, ballooning credit card debt and stressed mortgages.


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Hasbro – Positive Earnings Commentary And Growth Catalysts Ahead
2 years ago

Yep, I was shocked too and hence why Mattel has fallen to the sidelines over the years. Hasbro is establishing its digital presence too with Netflix, My Little Pony and Transformers. The movie slate over the next two years is huge, look at Blank Panther and next Infinity War.

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Hasbro – Positive Earnings Commentary And Growth Catalysts Ahead
2 years ago

Hasbro has a major distribution avenue via TRU and they had to lower guidance as a result of managing the bankruptcy through the holidays. But yes, they are adapting and looking at other alternatives including the digital channels.

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Visa’s Growth Slowdown Has Begun
2 years ago

The breakout happened months ago from $90 to $125. What will be propelling the stock higher? I like the share buybacks and increases in the divided but buying here is too risky for me considering it's single digit growth rates.

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Visa Is Still A Buy
2 years ago

Without revenue growth, businesses will not be rewarded with a high multiple. Earnings growth can be inflated by buying back shares so revenue is the metric that bests captures growth. Look at Netflix, Amazon, Salesforce... it's all about revenue in order to get assigned a high multiple. Slowing growth at all-time highs in a raging bull market, I'll pass. I'm not betting against Visa but certainly not buying at these levels.

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Visa’s Growth Slowdown Has Begun
2 years ago

I'm saying that the past 5 quarters of revenue growth has largely been attributed to the acquisition of Visa Europe and now that the acquisition has annualized, these growth rates are coming way down to roughly 8% moving forward. So does single digit revenue growth warrant buying a stock this richly valued?

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IBB – Challenging 2016, Recovering 2017 And Resurgence In 2018
2 years ago

Thanks for reading, hopefully 2018 will be a better year for this cohort.

Disney: Fox Acquisition, Streaming And Tax Reform
2 years ago

Thanks Bruce! I like your profile pic haha

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Visa Is Still A Buy
2 years ago

Take a look at my most recent article with updated data from the most recent quarterly results in which revenue only grew by 9%.

In this article: V
Visa’s Growth Slowdown Has Begun
2 years ago

Clearly, I disagree and they're baking in the Visa Europe numbers into the past growth and don't realize most of the growth is attributed to this acquisition. Look at my revenue graph and revenue growth graphs and you'll see. Also, zero growth over the last two consecutive quarters. Revenue was exactly the same in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018

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Visa’s Growth Slowdown Has Begun
2 years ago

Single digit revenue growth at a lofty valuation based on any metric in my opinion. There's many companies that are growing revenues much faster with a fraction of the P/E or PEG, namely #Facebook ($FB).

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Captain Marvel has already brought in more $1 billion in worldwide box office revenue and leading all 2019 movies by a wide margin. Disney is betting huge on Avengers: Endgame taking the torch to the $2 billion box office milestone,

Work Experience

Associate Scientist
Gilead Sciences
February 2018 - Present (2 years 9 months)

Method development of differential cleavage of N-linked glycans from broadly neutralizing antibody (bNAb) structure

· Selectively remove Fc (heavy chain) glycans followed by removal of the Fab (light chain) glycans with LC-MS

· Assess glycan heterogeneity between the Fc and Fab regions to characterize and elucidate critical quality attributes that impact structural integrity, efficacy and immunogenicity

Senior Research Associate II
Gilead Sciences
July 2014 - February 2018 (3 years 8 months)

Develop analytical methods, specifically quantitative ELISAs for active product, residual Protein A and Host Cell Protein determination to support clinical stage biologics for both upstream and downstream processes.

Pre-validation and validation review of analytical methods and method transfer to CROs to ultimately be used for GMP release testing.

Quality Control Associate II - Bioassay
October 2010 - July 2014 (3 years 10 months)

• Performed commercial and clinical cellular analysis of in-process and finished immunotherapy products utilizing a variety of biochemical assays/techniques
• Trained QC personnel in GMP analytical methodologies, assays, procedures and data review utilized in release testing interfaced with LIMS
• Authored, revised and updated applicable site and departmental test methods/SOPs within FDQM



University of California, San Diego
Project Management in Biotechnology Certificate Program
2015 / 2016
Project management in biotechnology certificate program focusing on the product development process from start to finish (project charter, business case/justification and all phases of formal project management). Explored the key skills needed for project management within the biotech environment from a clinical, technical and regulatory perspective. Practiced applying this knowledge to the biotech and drug development life cycle as a capstone project.
California State University-Sacramento
Master of Science
2007 / 2010
Field Of Study Biological Sciences (Moleular and Cellular Biology) Thesis - Isolation and Quantification of the Cortical Granule Lectin Ligand Oligosaccharides and Elucidation of Their Role in the Block to Polyspermic Fertilization in Xenopous laevis See thesis link below:
California State University-Sacramento
Bachelor of Science
2003 / 2007
Biological Sciences Activities and Societies: Minor - Chemistry

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