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5 Easy Ways to optimize video and gain more views on YouTube

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 9:59 PM EDT

If you want to gain more views on YouTube, you will need to ensure that your content benefits from impeccable optimization. It might sound like a lot of work, but in reality, you can have more people watching your videos through easy retouches. Here are 5 simple ways to do it:

Deliver what people demand

The first thing you need to consider when creating your YouTube channel is the reason behind it. Most people nowadays use this video-sharing platform to monetize on the content that they upload. If you want to get enough views to earn money from your clips, you will need to deliver what the public demands.

A rule of thumb here says that passion-created content rarely brings any cash into your account. That is to say, if you are passionate about some rare and peculiar hobby like collecting plastic bottles, you will preach to a small YouTube audience that will, in turn, get you very few views and almost no profit at all.

You will need to do a bit of research and see what the people on YouTube want to see. The list is long and it ranges from product reviews to travel tips. You will need to find a profitable niche, create high-quality content on relevant topics and attract large audiences that will subsequently bring you numerous video views.

Invite users to keep watching

Now that your content is relevant to a segment of viewers, it is time to increase their loyalty. One of the most effective ways of attracting more views for your video is to keep users on your channel. This strategy is easy when you provide high-quality content, but it gets even easier when you invite them directly.

Remember, there are more than one billion hours of video accessed on Youtube every day. You will need to know how to keep your users watching your channel for as long as possible.

Your best choice is to create playlists that have users jump from one video to another one in your collection instead of going straight to a clip from another content creator. Next, you can insert invitation cards during each clip to tell your viewers that you have enough relevant content coming up. All they need to do is click on them and get instant access to it. It’s simple, and it guarantees more views.

Be part of a community

The most important aspect of having a YouTube channel is being part of a relevant community. It means that you will need to collaborate with professional services to enhance your visibility and increase brand awareness.

In this regard, you can opt to buy views for YouTube and improve your popularity. This simple and cost-effective strategy will help you build up a large following, get your message across to more people and have many of them subscribe to your content in the long run. From a regular member of your niche, you could easily become a leading authority in your online community.

Put real effort in SEO

Unless you are working with professionals like SocialBoss, you will need to put a lot of effort into developing SEO for your videos. In this regard, you will have to add relevant keywords to every clip, provide excellent video descriptions and come up with catchy titles for every piece of content that you upload.

This strategy will help you rank higher in engine searches and YouTube queries. It will also help users who are directly interested in your niche to find your videos quickly and easily. You will have to update the search engine optimization features regularly to keep your clips up-to-date with the general demand.

Ask subscribers what they want to see

Last, but not least, you can optimize video to gain more views on YouTube by creating on-request content. Simply ask your subscribers what they want to see at the end of each of your clips. Look through the comments that they leave behind, and come up with videos that match their desires.

Now, there are almost 1.9 billion monthly active YouTube users. Pleasing all of them is impossible, and you cannot turn your channel into a DJ’s playlist of user requests. Therefore, you will need to select carefully which subscriber requests you transform into video content to ensure long-term loyalty and a gradual increase of views.

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