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Marcus Turner Jones graduated in Economics from the University of Sheffield before pursuing a career as a Market Analyst in London. He now writes freelance from Buenos Aires with his dog, Luna.


The Australian Manufacturing Boom- Can It Be Sustained?
Back in September, the Australian economy experienced a sudden decline after 100 consecutive months of growth, contracting by 0.5% and recording the highest quarterly drop since the great recession.
What Are The Financial Markets Really Telling Us About The Economy?
From Donald Trump's chaotic Presidency in the U.S. to the host of geopolitical conflicts unfolding across the globe, it is almost impossible for even the most deterministic of investors to remain focused on executing their strategies.
Saudi Arabia Is On The Brink Of A Painful Recession
Saudi Arabia’s new Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in for a rocky ride ahead as the country lurches on the brink of the first non-oil sector recession for 30 years.
E Another Turbulent Week For The Pound
The value of the pound has seen notable fluctuations against the EUR and USD which, as any trader will appreciate, is something that can have significant bearings on your investments.
E Key Factors Affecting USD/CAD In 2017
The USD/CAD is one of the world’s major currency pairs, as they are both two of the seven currencies that make up over 80% of the volume of the forex market.
E The U.S. Dollar Continues To Perform Consistently, But What Does 2017 Hold In Store?
Should Trump's address to Congress tonight showcase a reduced government spending forecast or renege on some of the core economic promises made during the campaign, the USD and the financial marketplace as a whole could take a significant hit.


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The U.S. Dollar Continues To Perform Consistently, But What Does 2017 Hold In Store?
4 years ago

Hi Abdullah, many thanks, glad you liked it.

I'd say we probably won't see many initiatives implemented by the ECB for the foreseeable future given the 'wait-and-see' policy that seems to have shrouded Europe given the current instability. You raise a very good question though and one I'd like to cover in more depth, I'll let you know when I publish the piece in a couple of days!

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